June 5, 2010

Yummy new yougurt shop + Kimbap

The other day me, my sister (who's now 20! *does a happy dance*) and my friend/old co-worker Tam all went to this new Korean yogurt shop called My Cherry. We weren't intending on buying any though because since it just had a grand opening that week and we already spent most of our money earlier that day, we just wanted to try samples of the cool flavors they had. I am a huuuuuge frozen yogurt fan, so having all these different options to sample from was delightful :D We ended up buying some lol! We couldn't really help ourselves. 

Pandan was gross. It had a strange aftertaste and tasted sorta like green tea ice cream which i'm not a fan of either...but for some reason i still kept eating it O.O i wish i could remember the name if the one on the left. It tasted kinda fruity and was super good!

Little explanation on the wall of how the place works :)

the yogurt machines. Some i guess are still being worked on, that's why the one in the middle is empty :/

The color scheme was really bright and lively too :]


I know where I'm spending most of my time and money at this summer :D Oh and I bought some kimbap at the store too. The last time I tried it was from my friend Seyoung. Personally, I liked hers more but this one was still nice and it was really cheap too! It had pineapple, crab, some green vegetable, carrots, and fried egg :3 it was deliciously nutricious!

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