July 21, 2010

I made it on the tele + The Karate Kid

FYI, I've been neglecting this blog because of -DUN DUN DUN- Tumblr 8O *gasps* I know. Never thought that would happen but being the lazy mofo that I am, it appeals to me way more than my blogspot does. However, I am not giving up on this blog. The frequency of my posts just will be less :/ Sorry for those who don't have a tumblr to follow me but if you do, go ahead and follow me so you'll still know what's happening with this lil lady: www.crystallyzed.tumblr.com. For now, I'm going to post some "drafts" that I've been meaning to publish for MONTHS now so they might seem old but that's because I never got around to posting them. Okay, laters!

I know it's been a while since I last posted on here but so much has been going on I haven't had the time to make proper posts here. I'm sure lots of you know I was in the New York Times article about circle lenses which lead the a recent local news report I was also in on the same subject. You can watch the footage of it here. I was so stoked you all have nooooo idea! My mom was saying how I should have asked for money out of it, but that made no sense plus I didn't feel it was necessary since I'm sure they could have easily found ANYBODY else to talk about some circle lenses if they looked hard enough around here. I mean really there's tons of girls (primarily Asian) who own circle lenses that they could have found. & I'm still baffled as to how they found my house O.o damn you internet for your poor security!!

Besides all that hubbabaloo, I watched The Karate Kid earlier and it was so good! Way better than I expected it to be! lol Jadeen Smith is such a cutie and I see his father, Will Smith all over him already! & don't get me started on how much Jackie Chan PWNED in that movie! It was refreshing to see a side of him that I've never seen in him before in his previous roles. I almost cried but I didn't wanna look like a punk in front of Rose, Vicky, or Derric. Haha! & of course my girl Taji P. was so good at playing a mom. I can see her being just like whenever she has kids. That little girl Jadeen had a crush on was adorable too! Her dance moves could have been a little better but meh, she tried :] I can say that throughout the whole movie I wanted to MURDER those little asshole boys that were beating Jadeen up (I know that's not his name in the movie but I can't remember what the name of his character was). I give that movie an 8 out of 10! It was up there, but didn't quite hit my list of all time favorites. I still enjoyed it!

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