July 24, 2010

Leaving me hanging...

I hate when I get this feeling.

Whether it's from a movie, from plans with friends, or from somebody who doesn't know how to communicate.

It just SUCKS to not know what's going on.

That's how I feel right now. That's how I been feeling for the past few days and I want to just scream so I can get out all my frustration but I don't think that would even suffice.

Perhaps smacking around the person who's making me feel this way would do the job.
Yes. That'll probably make things a whole lot better. Merely thinking about it somewhat eases the pain.

But until I even get that chance, I'm hopelessly  left here hanging. Wondering if I did something wrong or if something IS wrong with them. Worrying. Constantly thinking about all the possibilities of something being dreadfully wrong or even worse...they could simply be avoiding me.

There's always a chance that they could be ignoring me intentionally. My only thing with that is, why and how come for so long?

What could I have possibly done to deserve this shit? I don't remember having a fight, or leaving off on a bad note so what am I supposed to think?

Or maybe it's phone troubles. People have them all the time so it would make sense.

Then again you can at least log in to a nice little convenient site I like to call Facebook and communicate through there but I mean it's just a thought.

One thought out of so many thoughts...

I just wish I could STOP thinking about it. If i could then this would go a lot more easier for me. But instead I'm waking up depressed every single morning getting woozy at the very pit of my stomach and it's all because one person could be very well planning to do something that I've feared since day one. I'm not ready for that but if it is what I'm thinking then I wish they'd hurry up and get it over with so I can start healing faster because right now I'm painfully just left hanging.


  1. I think I can understand you...

    Hope you are ok (^_^)


  2. gawd the feeling of being left hanging..well things just pop out of nowhere so plans need to be altered. haaisss. we all just have to prepare for the unexpected. :)


  3. thanks guys. things were cleared up recently so i'm not feeling as depressed as i was earlier anymore.


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