July 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 was beyond my expectations :D

S P O I L E R  A L E R T ! ! !

Where do I start? I loved it! I can't say anything bad about it! Well actually (lol) I don't know why this is such a big deal to me but I kinda wish Woody would have had some sort of lover in the end since Bo Peep was *sniff sniff* sold away :( I did not see that one coming. I mean sure a lot of the unnoticable toys would be sold away but not her! She was so cute and pink :< & why the hells did fate make me sit near the worst group of people to sit next to in a movie theater?? There was a crying baby...cute, but still fucking crying! Take that thing to a babysitter! I don't have the kind of patience for that...if not then pay me a hefty portion of the money I bought my ticket with! Damn. Oh and of course we were in front of the rudest high schoolers, college freshmen, or whatever the hell they were cuz they apparently thought bumping the back of our seats when they had to get up for something wouldn't bother us one little bit. My sister nearly caused a scene several times throughout the movie because of it but I calmed her down. They left before we could say anything lucky for them because we were sooooo gunna let them have it those obnoxious little fucks. On a different note, I'm not sure if anyone else felt this way throughout the movie (I'm guessing a lot did though) but I kept thinking about my old stuff animals and dolls when I was younger before my mom and dad gave them away to salvation army >  <" It just made this movie THAT much more emotional for me in a sense. & in case you're wondering, I cried ESPECIALLY toward the ending! The short film in the beginning (Day & Night) was also pretty legit. The meaning was so true and pretty deep. I gotta say, the way Pixar's animation is always blows me away what with all the neat graphics they do.

Now onto the actual movie! The beginning was pretty sweet what with the adventure flashback and all . . . untill it had to STOP! lol wtcrap?! I didn't like how it stopped either. So sad and depressing <---I'll be saying this more than once in this movie review fyi. & can someone say how hot they made Andy?! Or was it just me? No? Yeah thought so, it's just me. I have a weird thing with animated characters okay? I swear I'm not one of those freaks that secretly watch hentai . . . much. So anyway, his little sissy looked cute and that old ass dog was priceless XD So strange seeing just those few toys left though compared to how many were there in the beginning.

Then there was the daycare. Ha! How they fooled me! I was thinking alright! This is gunna be great for them! So wrong. & that furry little round bastard was such a douche! I kinda figured he would be but man what a two face jerk he was. Ken & Barbie were so cheesy but I couldn't help but love them<3 But I can't leave out how he was also in on the conspiracy going on in that place along with fatso or whatever that bears name was. I did find it funny how the toddlers were treating buzz, jessie, and the other toys there though XD I mean it was terrrible but haha did you see the way they stuffed Ham with all that junk? lmao and how they kept bashing Buzz's helmet against the uhm...dang it i don't remember the name of whatever it was but it was hilarious!

That little girl Bonnie looked like my friend Mary which I thought was strange but gahhh she was so adorable! I loved how those three alien dudes rescued everyone with "the claw"! That was simply awesome! Overall this movie just OWNED! I give it a 10/10 :D and I hear that they might make a Toy Story 4 but who knows? I think they shouldn't because the way this movie ended just seemed perfect plus I'm scared that the next movie won't be as good as this one was. I know I usually post pictures of the movie clips and edit them but I'm too lazy.

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