August 11, 2010

Bantu knots first attempt

Sup guys? So recently I've been researching ways to keep my hair healthy since I want to take my hair journey wayyyyy more seriously this time around. Like REALLY serious. No more fucking around. I even told myself I wouldn't go to my hair dresser any longer because he's way beyond my budget and more importantly he doesn't practice using healthy techniques for my hair which I do NOT need.

For example. When I would go to him to get touch ups, he would apply the relaxer ALL OVER my hair O.O For those who don't know this, applying relaxer to your already relaxed hair is a huge no no. It's called over-processing and it does lots of damage to your hair overtime and I've noticed the texture isn't the same as it was when I first started going to him over a year ago after having him continuously do this to my hair :( At the time, I just dealt with it because knowing how he is (& most hair dressers) I didn't want to be controversial by telling him to not do that and have him get all huffy over it. & I know some of you are probably like "Well damn, it's your hair!", I'd just rather not deal with situations like that so in order to avoid it entirely I'm taking matters into my own hands :3

That's right! From now on, I'm going to start self relaxing! Well maybe not entirely "self" relaxing but I'm basically doing it at home where I can control things more. Same goes for trims, deep conditioning, and pretty much everything else inbetween. Maybe I'll go to him for weave jobs cuz I won't lie, he's AMAZING at doing cuts and hair styles but he's not for the health of the hair on his clients unfortunately :/

Man I really know how to ramble. Haha anyway the point of this post was to show you all a new protective style I learned a few days ago. It's called Bantu knots. I've seen it done before but I never really liked it. However, I do like how the styles looks once it's taken down (it's sort of like the braid out). Since this was my first attempt at doing this it's a bit funny looking but I'll show you a before and after.

In the before pic, I used an egg/mayo homemade protein treatment, washed it, co-washed it, then applied leave-in conditioner, moisturized and sealed it off and let it air dry for a bit before I did the style. I'll do a tutorial on how I did this later most likely so I won't go into explanation on how exactly I did it just yet but I'm sure most of you get the idea from just looking at the picture.

The results after I took down the knots were actually quite nice! Even though it was a little more fro-y than I expected it to be, my mom and others complimented it and I still loved how versatile the curls were. You could wear this in a messy bun without much effort or do a curly fuax hawk or even fake a curly bob (if you hair's a little longer of course). I just wish I had some bows or cute scarfs that I could have tied around my hair to make this hairstyle look more gal but it's all good. I'll hopefully be going shopping sometime this month anyway so that won't be a problem for long.

I will most likely be doing this again but maybe with 4 knots instead of 11 (<--wayyy too many for my liking but wutever) Hopefully my hair will become longer before this year's over. I want to at least reach bra strap length (bsl) but honestly I'll be happy with any inch of hair growth progress.

For those who are interested in going on a hair journey, check out these sites:

See you later!


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