August 4, 2010

First braid-out hairstyle

After uploading my latest tutorial on How to make shorts from old jeans, I took some pictures of my hairstyle because I figured some of you might have wanted to know how I did this to my hair and it's more simple than you think. I'll probably end up doing a tutorial on Youtube when I play around with different techniques but for now here's how I did this specific style you see in the pictures above ^ ^

After I co-washed my hair, I made sure that there was a lot of moisture in my hair to make my curly hair feel soft to the touch. I used Olive Oil's hair pudding (it smells really good) to hold it instead of using hairspray because hairspray dries out your hair.

Then I had my sister give me 5 rows of  braids (personally I wanted like 3) and let it dry overnight. The next morning I untangled them and used my fingered to fluff up any pieces of hair that was stuck together.

I wanted to get a gyaru look with my bangs so I straightened out my bangs and let them fall in front of my face and ended up with the look you see above!

Hope this helped some of you who are reading this! I feel like girls with naturally short hair can try this out if you're also trying to become gal and it's a really cute way to wear your hair over the summer imo :D Plus, it gives your hair a break from using heat on it like you usually would after washing your hair. Sorry I didn't make this a pictorial but like I said I will most definitely make a tutorial for this hairstyle soon.

See you sooooooon!~


  1. This is really cute. You should do a video for it. Braid outs give your hair nice waves without the heat or much effort. :3


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