August 13, 2010

Homgosh I had quite an eventual Thursday

I was not expecting it to go so well but man I had such a good time. I got lots to talk about in this post so you've been warned.

So yesterday I meet up with my old co-worker/friend who's also a fellow Nigerian and since I haven't seen her in ages and she's about to go off to San Diego for college I thought I should see her before she leaves. Unfortunately she was a little late and I was getting super hungry so I went to the food court and ate a wrap and just my luck I get 3 dudes trying to "holla" at me. -___- They did not look anywhere near my type nor did they have any kind of game so although I was flattered I think they got the hint that I wasn't interested when I politely kept ignoring them for my phone. lol it was just a funny situation because not everyday do guys come up to me like that. She finally showed up and we talked for about an hour and a half about so much. We even talked about our love for acting and she told me how much she got paid from doing this one commercial and I was like ADJKFLAJDALFDAFZOMG!

She said because I have more experience than her that I should look into find an agent and honestly, I'm thinking about doing so. Not so that I can make it big but Lord knows I need the money and if I can land a role in my high school productions then why not try and actually gain financial value by going out and doing a commercial of some sort, right? I mean I'm just thinking out loud here. If it happens, you all will be the first to know...well actually facebook probably will....then tumblr....and even youtube....but i mean eventually i'll post it on here ^  ^

After she and I ate we walked around and shopped (at least she did since I'm broke atm) and then she took me home and we said our goodbyes. I hope I still get to see her again someday because she's actually really cool. Hm, maybe if I ever get the chance to go to Cali I will, who knows. But anyway, I got home and got a text from Roosevelt asking if I was free and I thought hey! This would be the perfect day to come meet my mom! Now lemme just say, my mom thinks we are just friends. She just knows that he's the guy I tell her about how he's helped me with my driving and how he used to take me home after school and whatnot. He's like a brother to her eyes. She has no idea that we're in a relationship and I want to keep it that way so that when I am ready to tell her, she'll be too in love with him to even care :) Eh? Ehhhhh? Smart thinking right? I mean it's not like he's a bad guy so it's not like I'm covering anything up. He's actually the only guy I've gone out with that I have no worries with introducing to the family to, but I always gotta play it safe.

So he finally showed up and my mom was actually really surprised at how tall he was compared to I probably should have warned her about that ^ ^ but they talked and although my nerves were going mad on the inside he was playing it cool and my mom was just marveling at him the whole time which....was....weird. lol thing is, my sister told me after the day was over that she really likes him. Like, she wouldn't mind me being with him when the time comes but for now I should still focus on my studies. *sigh* Nigerian parents man, ugh!

After that we left to go run errands and I bought some super cheap hair products from CVS but I'll talk about that in another post. Once we did our errands, we weren't sure where to go next so I suggested going to the lake! For a while now we've been meaning to take a trip down there but something always came up >:T But I finally knew how to get there and he had an idea as well so we drove there and after a few wrong turns and asking an old man and his dog how to get there, we finally did. We had to walk through a park to get up  really close which wasn't a big deal but there were dragonflies everywhere and the sun was faced towards us so I felt little gross but it didn't matter because I was with him.

We finally got close enough to the edge and it was so beautiful! It was the most goregous lake I've ever laid my eyes on especially because of how the sun was reflecting on it. & this was where we took our first pictures together.

We tried to make a heat on that last one but we failed -___-

my chubby legs > <" lol!
Of course I threw in some pictures of the sun setting because it was too gorgeous not to, but they don't do it too much justice since my camera's not the best one out there. We just sat there watching it set. lol I swear it seemed like a dream but I was loving every moment of it, idc if I sound sprung! So after that we went back to the car and drove to Braums to get a sundae. I've never eaten there before untill yesterday and omgosh it was so delicious and it hit the freaking SPOT!

Then he took me home and I just was so happy with how that day went especially that half. That's pretty much how I've been wanting to spend my summer but we haven't had the time to so finally being able to really was refreshing. Okay, I've blabbed on long enough now. Saturday's my birthday pool party so another post on that will most likely be up hopefully with pictures since my camera kind of broke. I really need a new one. Donations anyone? haha! jk! or not... :]


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