August 5, 2010

My schedule of activies throughout my summer

Sup guys. Honestly, over the past few weeks I've realized a pattern of my last days of summer.

Monday - Friday: wake up, have a snack, get on tumblr, youtube, and facebook, eat lunch, watch Arthur, take a 2-3 hour nap, wake up again, go back on computer, eat dinner, stay up late talking on the phone or on the computer, then try to sleep. MAYBE hang out with a friend on the weekdays but that's a rarity.

Saturdays I usually go out some where and Sundays I go to church and hang out with some friends so I look forward to the weekends more than anything!

Don't get me wrong, I do other stuff like run errands with my mom, or workout, or something that requires me getting out of the house but a lot of the time it is seriously just this! That's why I've actually been active on this blog as much as I'd hate to say it. But I appreciate everyone who still comes on here to read my posts and comments on them. I don't get much of that on tumblr so I feel bad for being absent for this long. To make up for it, I'm gunna show you all some pictures of the sushi me and Vicky had at this restaurant called Blue Ocean near our apartments.

I wanted to get something I've never tried before but that place was so pricey compared the the other sushi joint I go to all the time so I went ahead and played it safe by getting this one sushi roll called Golden Cali (California roll) But it was so yummy and filled with delicious sushiness! My sister got this one that had the name Caterpillar in it and it look funny looking but it didn't taste bad...just different from what I'm used to.

mmmmm. Doesn't it make you wanna go get some? WELL DON'T! As much as I enjoyed this sushi, I went home and the next day my stomach was feeling all kinds of awful and it lasted that whole weekend. I thought I had some sort of parasite inside of me but I knew that was just me being a hypochondriac again so I just made sure to lie flat on my belly and it eventually went away. But whatever it was, it was not worth that sushi! I think it was because of the tiny fish eggs that were on top of mine (the orange stuff) but i can't really find out for sure now, can i?

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  1. Yummy!


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