August 3, 2010

Ripped Demin shorts DIY (not a pictorial sry)

Hi guys! The other day I was super bored (as usual) and I wanted to do another alteration from another article of clothing that I didn't wear. I felt like I really needed some pairs of shorts especially because of the heat so I looked up ways to make your old jeans into new cute shorts ^  ^

This is my result from a pair of capris I used to wear back in middle school that I can't stand wearing now. The material was stretchy and it didn't look fitted so I decided instead of giving it away, why not just make it into something that I will start wearing from now on? & I did!

I made a video on how to do this so if you don't fully understand my explanation, hopefully the visual on my YT should help you :]

Materials needed:
- Sharp fabric scissors
- Jeans (duh lol)
- Iron
- Jagged knife (optional)
- Twizzers (optional)
- Needle & thread
- Marker

1. To help guide where you should cut, wear your jeans and mark where the tip of your fingers naturally fall to be on the safe side so that you don't cut off too much fabric.
2. Lay your pants on the floor and cut off where you marked.
3. Put the pants on again except this time, fold the bottom part up as many times you see fit to get your desired length. Make sure both sides are even.
4. Slowly take them off without losing the folds and use your iron (have it on a high setting) to press the folds down so they look neater and don't unfold on their own. At this point, they should already look like shorts.
5. Sow the outside and inside hems of your shorts so that you secure the folds from unfolding. You don't need a sowing machine, if you know how to hand sow then that should work just as well.

Optional steps:

To give your shorts the same look mine has, follow these few steps next.

1. Take your scissors and cut about 4-5 horizontal holes into where ever you want the distressed hole to be. Make sure they're not too far apart from each other.
2. Then pinch out the verticle blue loose threads from those holes until you finally have all of them out revealing the white horizontal ones.
3. Another cool thing you can do is cut small slits around the edges of your shorts.
4. Take your jagged knife and scrap it against the edges to make the slits look frayed and worn out. Do this as many times untill you feel like you've gotten the look you want.
5. Cut little holes (no bigger than the size of a dime), into areas of your jeans. Make sure not to cut the hole into your pocket. The whole will look neat now, but after you wash it it should also look frayed.

& that's about all I did to make these shorts :] It was actually lots of fun & it was super easy! I really was planning on buying a new pair but Lord knows I don't have the money right now. I hope this helped and if you do end up using my tutorial, lemme know :D


  1. I'll definitely try this. I get too bored!

  2. lol it's so much fun and very rewarding ESPECIALLY when you're bored.


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