August 18, 2010

VO5 shampoo and conditioner only 69 cents?!

Can somebody explain to me why these products are so damn cheap? I bought them at CVS and I was like...GEHHH?! I saw reviews on Youtube about the Moisture Milks Strawberry conditioner and a lot of people use it and like it so I was shocked that I could by like 10 of these and still not go broke O.O Hell, I even bought some clarifying shampoo too because of the chlorine I knew I was going to get in my hair from last Saturday. Unfortunately I haven't used it yet since I left it in Roosevelt's car and forgot to get it that night  -___- But they both smell really good!

Then I bought some castor oil since I hear it's really good for your hair. It's strange because I think I've used it before when I was younger because the smell is very familiar but I fail to remember for sure if I did or not. The consistency of it is pretty much like coconut oil which I hate because I cannot stand putting grease in my hair but I basically just use very little of it every night and concentrate it on my ends. It's too soon to tell whether or not it's working wonders yet but if I feel it is a month from now, then I'll recommend it :D

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  1. I always see that shampoo in groceries but had no interest in trying them out. But after reading this, i wanna also give it a try. I hope you could give your opinion of the product after using it.

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