September 15, 2010

2NE1 is on fire with their new MV releases :D

I can't even...I'm so.....speechless! I am falling more and more in love with this group as time goes on I swear! I honestly didn't like how there was more and more girl groups coming out but these guys are here to stay, I'm sure of it~

First off, I love their new look! It's sexy but still edgy. I know Perez Hilton (yuck xP) was saying he didn't like Clap Your Hands but he doesn't know wtf he's talking about. I, for one, loved it and totally disagreed! Yes, it's rougher than the average cutesy, girly, regular noise you hear from girl groups in kpop. Yes, it might make you feel like you're watching lesbians because of their dominance on the screen and that a bad thing? Okay, I'll stop. But you get what I'm saying? Why does Korean music, or ANY music of any country and/or genre have to remain the same? It becomes predictable and boring to my ears so I'm glad 2NE1's switching it up because I was almost losing faith for a second. Only bad thing I can say is my least favorite out of all three of these is Can't Nobody and seriously, it's not even by that much > < it's only because it sounds like a lot of other songs that are out right now :/

If you've yet to watch them, here they are!

^so catchy omg! I can't stop listening to this!

This last one is probably my favorite! OMG it's so powerful! I like it almost a little more than Eminem and Rhianna's I love the way you ile song...idk why though.


  1. YES!

    Go Away is my favorite too!! :D

  2. Mimzy is too hot!I love her!

  3. they are amazingggnessss...just love them


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