September 17, 2010

Animefest 2010

Not sure if you guys already are aware that I am sort of a fanatic of all things anime although, my love for it has decreased dramatically over the years. However, I don't think I'll ever truly stop loving anime. It's what exposed me to all my favorite Asian fashion styles, Asian music, movies, and overall pop culture which influences my everyday life so it'll always have a special place in my heart ^ ^

This year, Dallas was hosting one of their annual conventions on Labor Day weekend called Animefest which I've been to once before back in '06. It was my first first con ever & I loved it! Sadly, I didn't have money to splurge on the lovely yet overpriced merchandise they were selling there but it was still nice seeing everyone in their cosplay outfits and what not. A few people even took pictures of me...ME! lol i didn't cosplay but next year I swear I will go as somebody super awesome and my outfit will look badass!! You just wait!

Me and Kyle were in a cool visual kei theme. She looked delicious :D

lmao "forever alone" XD I'M SORRY! I had to do it~

My sister's such a dork but i <3 her!
I will try and see if I can probably host a gyaru panel like my Cherry gals are going to do at Oni con this year. It sounds like it would be lots of fun to show people what gyaru is all about and have more people join the movement. Only time will tell. If I do, I will let you guys know. Hopefully I'll have more time for that next year.


  1. nice outfit :) and omg xD is there a puss in the on pica XD lol
    xoxo EMi MARiE

    ps: plz visit me ones :)

  2. Lovelovelove your outfit!

  3. I wish I was going to be in Texas for onicon -_- 3 weeks too early XD

  4. OMG great outfit! i wish ouston's conventions were as nice as Dallas's

  5. I hear Houston has some pretty neat ones like Masturi.

  6. oh Jah Matsuri is teh besssstt but in terms of selling the nerdy stuff like the figurines and nendroids it can be hard to find something unique. Well by unique i mean anything not haruhi,bleach & Naruto XD

  7. Ahh I see. That's actually surprising to hear. I would have thought they'd have way more of those there than they do at Dallas. I'm not a huge fan of those things anyway, but they're cute to look at and take pictures of ^ ^


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