September 12, 2010

Frozen yogurt Orange Peel

It's this cute little store located like 5 minutes away from my apartments. My sister and my besties took me there for my birthday (on the actual day of). It's so pretty in there and the lady who works there is a huge sweetheart! & she's a pretty young mother...and Korean :D Gotta love them Koreans! lol! I plan on going to some other local yogurt places just to review since there's surprisingly so many in my area O.O but this one is definitely on my top 3 favorite frozen yogurt places :3 Here's some pics!

My concoction of 4 different flavors and a bajillion sweet fruity toppings. I couldn't have asked for more ^ ^
I hope next time I go to one of these I try more exciting but good flavors. There are some that I've tried and did not understand why anyone would like it. But I believe it's for those with an acquired taste.

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