September 19, 2010

New clothes for school

Sup guys! I'm doing terrible at making consistent posts on here aren't I? School is raping me again so I will probably post twice a month at the most. Idk, we'll see. But on a good note, my mommy dearest gave me money to go shopping the week before school started but unfortunately she's making me pay her back. I'm so financially in debt to her it's not even funny. Then again she might forget about it like she's done in the past so maybe if I don't say anything I might be able to survive without going broke ^ ^ Victoria, Tam, and I all went to go shop at the Willowbend mall and I must say, I did some good shopping.

Been meaning to buy more camis and tights.
Had to buy those western boots. Reminded me of some I saw off a gal mgazine.
loose fitted shirt & dark jeans :]

okay honestly, i'm not sure how i'm feeling about this fit, but i just loved the jacket so much i had to take pics with it. it was a bit out of my budget so i ended up not getting it but if i did homogosh i would have been the happiest girl alive.

I still plan on going to the Burlington Coat Factory and buy a black winter coat. I also still need one more cute pair of boots, more jewlery/accessories and maybe even some gloves. When I go shopping again, I'll post some more pics.

After that, Tam, being the major sweetheart that he is, took us out to Pei Wei and it was his treat. I've never been there before but everyone always says how good the food is there so I was excited to try it out for myself and they weren't kidding! It was delicious! Probably the best cho mein I have ever had in my life!

 Everything was amazing! I will definitely be going back sometime soon :D


  1. Zomg i get weak in the knees for some food that looks delicious! And I'm loving the new clothes, looks cute and comfy

  2. lol it was deelish believe me! & ty~


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