September 9, 2010

Style Log #1

I really am late on doing these aren't I? lol I actually got the idea from some of my gal members like Alicia so thanks for giving me the idea girls <3 I'll try to keep these posts up as much as I can. A lot of these outfits are going to be the ones I wear to school but I'll state otherwise if it's not. Here's the first one for ya!

sry the clarity isn't superb >:

I wish I had ankle wedges/boots or something to pair with this TAT Still gotta go find me some soon.I tried a different hairstyle. My sister loves it so I think I'm going to have it up more often instead of down all the time.

Hope you liked it! Any critiques, leave them in the comments. Thank you :D


  1. Nice! I think this outfit would look great with a couple of chunky bracelets. :)

  2. @Alicia: Yeah I've been meaning to buy some but it seems like fate wants me to stay broke for a while longer :(


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