September 15, 2010

Update: New lashes + hair roller set

I totally forgot that I took pics of me buying these lashes earlier last month. Yes, they're all from ebay. Since this gal is on a budget, I'm pretty much stocking up on as much cheap but trendy things as I can until I get more money from Godknows where.

So I'm going to be doing more gyaru looks with these in my collection of falsies. I also went to Walmart to see if they sold a hair roller set for my hair journey. I bought mine for about $15 which I hear is average.

I will be practicing the a lot with these suckers until I can perfect the saran wrap method. *sigh* The crazy things I do for my hair to grow -___- I'm pretty sure I've spent nearly $100 which is insane because I'm always broke! All I have in my wallet right now is a penny. I'm not even kidding!

But whenever I master this technique, I will be doing a how-to video on it for all you gals who wanna give this a shot yourselves because it's really healthy for your hair instead of using other methods to straighten your hair out.


  1. LOl. Aren't we all broke? I like those rollers. My friend has them but I wanted to try the hot rollers or heated rollers.It cuts down time, or it's supposed to. But I definitely want to get a Conair Instyler because it's a curling iron and flat iron in one. That could definitely save some money and time I guess.

  2. Those eyelashes are so cute!

  3. @Ivie: Yeah I had some hot rollers but they didn't work well with my hair or maybe i wasn't doing it right. whatever the reason was it was pissing me off lol so i gave up on it! plus, i'm all for things that don't include direct heat to my hair since i'm on a hair journey now so i was all for this roller set.

    @Emi Marie/Becky: Thanks ^ ^

  4. Actually, when I'm not wearing weave, I'm using the saran wrap method from time to time to flatten my hair ! This is so helpful >.<
    Don't worry, you're not the only one to be broke, I just spent 120$ on my hair 2 weeks ago ... T^T

  5. lol thanks for making me feel better Tommy. For some reason I haven't mastered the saran wrap technique yet! I wrap it at night but then i wake up and unwrap it in the morning and it ends up feeling really damp instead of silky and smooth. Not sure what i'm doing wrong :/


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