October 1, 2010

FOTD ( ^ . ^)~

This is a first now isn't it? The other day I was really feeling my make up and decided to take a pic. This was right before I left my house to go to a long 6 hour adult driving class -___- it was beyond boring.

- NYX concealer magic wand
-Clinique pressed powder foundation (probably should have blended a little better but I didn't realize it till I looked at this picture xP)

- Clinique's blush in mocha

- Black gel eyeliner(some off brand off ebay)
- Carmax lip balm

I was actually wearing a pretty scarf around my head because I felt inspired by mode gyaru that day...ish. Not sure if it's mode gals that mainly wear the scarves around their heads but either way I love the trend so I tried it for myself with one of my scarves and it turned out looking nice ^ ^ Next time I'll take a better pic.


  1. Psh, girl your makeup is cute XD I don't know why eyeliner looks bad on me all the time but you always pull it off :3 Your blush is cute too!

    Also: I love to wear scarves on my head :D Can't wait to see more

  2. Very cute! Love the eyeliner and the blush. Looks like I need some Clinique XD

    Scarves ftw <3

  3. Clinique, imo, is very good! Idk if I'm going to buy another pressed powder from them or try out MAC or Sephora's foundation because I love it so much! & thank you! I still gotta practice on it :]

  4. cute blog! =) I'm doing a weekly feature on my blog (watchthesunsett.blogspot.com) called "Dapper Dames" where I feature a new blogger every week and let others know about them & their blogs as well, I was wondering if you'd be interested in submitting? if so, just visit my blog for more info. thanks!

  5. thank you! & i'd love to! I'll go visit it right now :D


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