October 8, 2010

Hachiko's coming on the 22nd!!!☆ (≧▽≦)・:*:ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

Screen shot of the site we bought him from. He was hella pricey but I'm sure he'll be worth it!

IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm going to become a momma! Remember that post a made a long time ago about how much I wanted a dog? Well that was almost a year ago but now my family has decided to buy this cute little sucker here and I am so unbelievably excited for his arrival! I never thought we'd ever get a dog. I thought my chances of getting one would only be likely if I moved out and got my own place to live but my mom was actually serious when she said she wanted one too and just look at how cute he is!! I've been so so so busy buying doggy stuff this past week and making sure we have everything taken care of as far as a local vet, dog playgrounds, and all that junk because I don't want to screw this up. My mom said she's going to make him primarily my responsibility since I'm the main reason why she's getting him. Reason being that my sister's moving out next semester in the spring so it's gunna be really tough not having her around :( If you guys knew how close we were, you'd understand why getting a dog is more than necessary. Without him, idk how else I would cope which explains why I'm so determined to be the best dog owner to this little guy ^ w ^ Oh and if you haven't guessed by the title of this post, we all agreed on the name Hachiko, or Hachi for short. It was my sister's idea as well as mine and originally we got the idea from Nana (anime series & a MUST WATCH) but then we remembered the historical story of that name.

There was a professor who taught at the University of Tokyo back in the day who had a loyal dog named Hachiko. Hachiko would follow his owner everywhere he went and would usually wait on him outside the University to go home him after he was done teaching for the day. Unfortunately, his owner died of a brain aneurism. Still, Hachiko continued waiting on his professor at the University for the next nine years untill he died of old age. Now THAT'S one hell of a dog! Which is why I chose that name for my sweetheart! You can call me a Japanophile all you want, but if that story doesn't somehow touch your heart you are one evil motherfucker. Js :)

There's STILL a lot of stuff we need to get like a crate, blankets, probably more toys, treats, UGH! It's like I'm getting ready to have a baby! I've also been cleaning the dickens out of our messy apartment...well it's not that bad but there's a bunch of clutter in certain rooms more than others that I gotta make sure is cleaned up before he arrives. They call it "puppy proofing" your home. I hope this all pays off. So far my mom's loving it cuz she says it's making me seem more responsible already. Aigoo! Like I wasn't before?! >__>

You better believe he's going to be posted all over my internet profiles so you don't have to tell me to take pictures/videos. You're gunna be sick of seeing his furry little face by the time I'm through which I probably won't be. I just hope he likes it here living with us. Pray that all works out well for me guys!


  1. Oh, I thought you were serious. I thought you're goin' to have a child. I was drinking soda when I read the first sentence and gagged—spewing it all over my desk [LOL]. Congrats on the dog, though.

  2. lmao omg nooooo way would I be ready for a baby XDD that soda messed you up good. lol but thanks!


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