October 23, 2010

Hachiko's first day as my pup! (Pix)

As you may already know, my 11 week old puppy Hachi's arrival all the way from from Bat rouge, Louisiana was yesterday in the evening and my what a hectic time we had trying to get to the right building to pick up the little guy! We finally found it after calling all the staff in American Airlines to figure how to get to the damn place. Anyway, we got there and I was nervous I'm not even gunna lie. I was thinking well what if he doesn't like me? What if he hates our home and all my efforts to make him feel as comfortable as possible? But the worse question of all that went through those paranoid thoughts was what if getting a dog was a bad idea...

Thinking that DEFINITLY made my stomach do flip flops but it was too late to turn back now. He was all paid for and ready to meet his new owners! I wanted to film everything but foolish Victoria managed to somehow lose the piece that held the battery in place so now making videos and taking cute pics will be twice as difficult but still possible no worries. I just really need a new one!! So the guy at the building says our dog's plane just landed and that we should wait about 30 minutes to get him. First thought was great, more anticipation, waiting, and paranoia of something going terribly wrong! Plus, I was rly hungry...and did I mention I was having a rather bad day prior to? I was...I've had worse but still it was not my top 10, or 20, or 50...you get the picture DX

Finally the guy said he was there and my Lord I have never seen a puppy that angelic looking irl before so my mind was blown at how cute he was! Like I wanted to die it was unbearable. We took him home and Derric was the first one to hold him, Vicky was the 2nd, and I was the last (why idk >:X). He was so quiet the whole ride from the airport up till right about we were taking him to bed. I feed him and he suddenly got all this energy so I was a little mad at myself for that but I didn't want him to go to bed hungry or thirsty especially on his first night. After he ate Vicky and I knew it was about that time. DUN DUN DUN! The crying began immediately and the meek growling. It was so cute though and although I felt terrible I knew it was for the best. Puppies need as much rest as they can get. I'm taking him to the vet later today so hopefully the doc says all is well with Hachi. For some reason, my sister now calls him Hachcotch . . . *throws up hands and shrugs* Anyway I promised plenty of adorable pictures and here they are! Video soon to come too!

He's a licker!
Tired from a long day.

I love you Hachi!!


  1. sooo cutee♥
    Hachi chan is a very cute dog ne :D

    EMi MARiE

  2. OMGee, he is too cute! I want a puppy and a kitty but my mom hates pets! ><

  3. Awwww, he's so cute <3 Ahhhh, I want to get more dogs now because of you and Len XD

    Now I want a husky, a lab and your baby's type!

  4. Soooo cute! What does Hatchiko mean? Is that Asian? Such a coincidence! I have a puppy like yours. Is Hatchi a Bichon? I hate you because yours is way cuter. Just playin girl, but yours looks like perfection.
    Here's a link to get a book on Bichon Frise. Cost only $.01 plus a small shipping fee. This book helped me out soooo much.

    PS I love your hair girl. Is it real or extensions? Enjoy your week with the new pup.


  5. "Hachi" in Japanese means the number 8. "ko" I'm not too sure just yet XD But I think it's neat because he was born in August....8th month. Kinda strange how that worked out.

    And yes he's a bichon frise pure breed. Thank you for the link. No, I'm wearing a sew-in. Hope I answered all your questions polite Anon!

  6. Awwh, he is really adorable...especially with that chew toy hanging out his mouth as he's sleeping haha. Congrats!

  7. he is sooo gorg! i really want a dogg :( xx

  8. Aww thats his name ^^
    Looks like fluff

  9. Yay, Hachiko! He looks happy with his new mommy! Congrats :)

  10. Somehow I never realised Hachi was a Bichon Frise! XD
    I have one too, well, my mum does hehe XD
    Shes such a fatty though, dont over feed Hachi lol

  11. lol haha yeah i'm making we measure his kibble each time he's ready to be feed. So far he doesn't look like he's getting too big too quickly but still I'll definitely be mindful of that!


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