October 30, 2010

Halloween weekend + Funky nail look

It's finally here! Halloween weekend is gunna be so much fun :D I'm really excited for today because we're all gunna go to Dick's resort then the Slaughter house downtown Dallas. I'm pumped! We were thinking about going to Goat man's bridge which you can wikipedia for the full story/history of the place but I think everyone's too chicken to go including myself so we're just gunna leave it at that haha! Oh, me and Vicky went to watch Paranormal Activity 2 last night and I was disappointed. DO NOT listen to the hype it's getting. It seriously didn't meet my expectations. It was suspenseful but that's about it. It was just as good as the first one...definitely not better though.

I actually bought some nice stuff from the hair store yesterday and almost couldn't post it up because I lost my camera but thankfully I found it. It may be a piece of crap but it's all I got rn.

I'm wearing the cute literal hair bow tonight. Not going as Lady Gaga but I'm sure that's what most people are gunna think anyway. I just like it for what it is. And of course I had to buy some super cheap essential hair oils too. Can't wait to start  using them bc they smell so good!

I wasn't really planning on buying anything I just wanted to go there to see what shade of hair I wanted to try out next after I take my sew-in down later next month. I'm dying to wash it but I'm not about to risk messing up the extensions. Everything I got was all came down to about $8 which I thought wasn't so bad. Gotta love getting stuff for cheap.

Before I forget lemme show you the nail look I did with my new nail polish.

It's pretty funky looking and I remember seeing something like it on one of kawaiinails youtube channel, so thanks for the inspiration girl!

Anyway I'm not sure if I'll have any pictures of my day tmrw but if I do I'll try to make a post about it Sunday or at the latest Monday so it won't be too far off from the Halloween season. Knowing me that's what I typically would do heh heh ^ ^; But until then, everyone stay safe this weekend and don't get haunted by playing the Ouija boards or doing any Illuminati activity...XD hahaha jk don't ask where that came from, I don't have the answer!



  1. oh man those nails are so cute ! Does that OPI base coat work well? The one I'm using now that I got from Sallys isn't too great.

  2. Thanks! Honestly since it's the first and only one I ever tried out I can't compare it to anything but I it's alright. I'd still like to see if there's another that works better though.

  3. Yayyy !
    Its really cute !!!
    Haha I was surprised when you mentioned
    my channel wahahaha ^ ^

  4. @Kawaii Nails: Why? Your channel is neat and rly helpful :3

  5. Im hearing so many different things about Paranormal 2
    At the cinema I work soooo many of the showings have been totally sold out
    and you know at the end, where she walks in the room? I've been in the screen at that time
    and everyone has been screaming hahah it's hilarious to hear

    Love the polishes, I really like glitter in that style
    and cant wait to see you in your hair bow

  6. @Samispoon: the audience i watched it was really small and none of them looked at all satisfied with it at the end. idk maybe the atmosphere could have been better.

    & thank you!

  7. Simple but cute NOTD. :] Really nice~. I did the same thing, but alternated the plain black colour with a dark red on every other nail-- turned out nicely. Merci for the idea.

    And hm... I'm still thinking about seing Paranormal Activity 2, seeing as I was all about seeing the first one and didn't think it was too bad. Except... all my friends are making this face after seeing PA2: :[.


  8. I wanna go see Paranormal Activtity 2!!! Cute nails too! :)

  9. Thanks Noxin! yeah i'm definitely going to switch it up with some other fall colors and be creative with it. I wish I had a cute nude color though.

  10. doing nails now!

    thanks for the inspiration :)



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