October 21, 2010

Jackass 3-D movie + FOTD

It was some funny shit! I mean I felt so disgustedly satisfied by the end of that movie. It's sad that this is their last one from what I hear :( I've always enjoyed watching their silly antics and even their spin off show with Steve-o and Chris on the Wild Boyz. It always made my day that much better and that more nauseating. It's worth the watch!

Besides that, I was practicing my make up the earlier this week and omgosh I totally love how it came out!

I didn't use any foundation/concealer which is why my skin is edited...still working on my acne scars)
Items used:
- 120 Manly Eyeshadow Palette
-NYX Jumbo pencil "Milk"
-Black liquid liner
-Falsies (bought off ebay)

I realized purples and dark blues really bring out the beauty in my eyes. But I'm SO not the type to limit myself to just those colors ㅡㅇㅡ

 - B U T - 

I most definitely butchered my eyeliner. It literally looks like I had a seizure trying to apply it on. Oh well. Still gotta practice I suppose. As you can see I decided to wear my usamini I got from F21. I think I'll include these pics in my new banner. I really like how it turned out! I just wish I took the time to curl my hair. Every time I try and use my curling irons on it they NEVER last and they're always so loose even when the heat is on super high ㅠ^ㅠ I really want these extensions to last so I think I'll try one more time (probably Halloween weekend) and if that fails, then the next time I buy weave I'm probably going to get Milky Way's wet-n-wavy because I know that one definitely holds curls really well. Or I might go to the hair store later today and see if they sell some flexi rods. I hear those work wonderfully without all the damaging heat.

Till then lovettes <3


  1. I look like Ived had an attack applying my make up half the time too haha lets put it down to just being too cool ;D
    Have to say your make looks fine and I love the application pic :D so cute

  2. I agree with Sami - Your makeup looks good to me! ^_^ And the Purple really does make your eyes pop.

  3. @Samispoon: lol alright! & thank you for the compliment!

    @Alicia: Thank you! Next time I'm gunna use navy colors.


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