October 6, 2010

Recent buys: Aphogee + Ambi

Hey guys! I was at my local hair and beauty supply store and I finally got my hands on some Aphogee hair products. This brand is well known in the black hair care community for it's intense hair repairing and reconstructing formula. I was going to buy the 2-step treatment, but that was $20 and I had a budget so I might buy it later this month that is IF and only if the two products from Aphogee I did buy actually work. I used both the leave-in conditioner and the 2 minute reconstructer a few days ago and it made my hair tough (stronger) which was good however I think that made it harder for me to detangle without seeing my hair break out, thus, cancelling out the entire idea of buying it in the first place >:X but I'm still going to play around with how I use it to see if I might have used the wrong product with it but I know for a FACT that my hair needs protein because breakage is my absolute number 1 problem that my hair is facing.

As for the Ambi stuff you see, I decided to buy this since it was fairly cheap and recommended by a few people I've talked to about my hyperpigmentation. I'm thinking of buying Clinique's Even Better Spot Corrector soon too so I can stop wearing so much concealer and foundation. It might cost me an arm and a leg but I don't care. I really can't stand looking at my skin sometimes D:


  1. Oh yes, Ambi is number one! I use their fade creme all the time. It's very good for breakouts as well from allergies.

    For your hair, hmm, I've been using pantene + relaxers for a while now and I've finally tamed my hair. It's kinda silky now. Two in one shampoo products are the keepers :)

  2. yeah i got a moisturizing shampoo today actually from EQ so when I take down my sew-in extensions, I'll try it out. I heard pantene was good. I might try that out whenever I run out of conditioner/shampoo.

  3. Tell me how the Ambi works because I've contemplated buying it. maybe you should use less shampoo or sulfate-free shampoo and deep condish more often for less breakage

  4. Yeah agree with Ivie, try sulfate-free shampoo Are co wash. also I heard natural hair product is good

  5. @Ive: I will post a review on it later after I start seeing results. Tbh, I think I already am, but I'll still give it a week or two.

    @Meka: Yeah that was my problem. I washed with a clarifying shampoo while using protein treatments so they ended up not being a good mix at all for my hair. i know what to do and what not to do for next time now.


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