October 17, 2010

Shopping at Forever XXI & delicoius Patbingsu

Hello lovelies! Are you diggin the new look? Eh? Ehhhh? XD
 I finally stopped being lazy and learned how to do a bunch of cool stuff that I've been meaning to add to my blog for a looooooong time. There's still a few tweaks that need to be done, and I'm fully aware that I currently have no banner atm, but that will be fixed soon. Moving on, there's been quite a bunch of updates since I last posted one here so let's get started with my first one shall we?

So earlier this week Vicky, my bestie Derric, and I all decided to spend our Thursday evening going out to Pei Wei, getting bubble tea at H-Mart, then go do a little shopping at the Willow bend mall which wasn't too far from where we already were. I've been trying to not go over board with the spending but something came over me that day giving me the feeling that this time won't hurt. Heh we'll see I guess ^ ^;

It was Derric's first time going to H-Mart and as hard as I tried to make him stop making racist jokes, he still managed to sneak em in every now and then -__- But besides that we had fun! He tried patbingsu with me and to my surprised he liked it. Can't say the same for Victoria though.

Had strawberries, shaved ice, frozen original tart flavored yogurt, kiwi fruit, mochi, and pinapples all jumbled up in that little cup. It was deelish!
So yeah that was loads of fun to try out again with him. He ended up getting bubble tea but that pretty much filled me up so I didn't get any this time around. Maybe next time :] After we were done, we finally went to go to the mall. My sister was driving us there but the poor girl almost had a heart attack because she wasn't used to the road. If it weren't for Derric being there we would have just gone home early and that would have sucked BIG time bc I really wanted to go shopping at Forever 21 for some reason.

When we finally got there, we actually went into some other stores before going into Forever 21 and I had to buy another set of body cream from Gilly Hicks except this time I got their body wash and a pretty lip gloss to match!
I wish it was more solid. I love the color!

 They all smell so good and remind me a lot of winter ^ w ^ Just what I wanted :D And it was all under 10 smackeroons (dollars...haha)!

We finally got to Forever 21 and there wasn't a bunch of great deals but I wasn't too surprised.

I didn't realize it was two gloves in one when I got em but I like em even more now!
My first usamimi :D It was $1.99 and they had a black one but I was definitely feeling the silver one much more. I've already worn it out since I bought it and already got compliments!

I'm definitely taking this to school so I can start drinking more water throughout the days. I'm always dehydrated :P

Erm, about this last one heh heh...well ya see, we went into AE and I was looking at their bras cuz they were about $15 but then I decided to leave it and buy it another time. Little did I know that when we left and were in Pac Sun, I had this bra still on attached to my hand and I felt terrible! I have never stolen in my life! & I typically look down on those that encourage stealing so I swear this was definitely an accidental mishap. Derric and Vicky suggested I just keep it because if I go back they might actually think I did it on purpose and manage to somehow get me in trouble even though I came back and returned their item. -___- next time I go to shop, I'm making sure I don't have anything hanging on my arms, foot, shoulders, or whatever! Imagine if there was a mall cop there and I innocently would have gotten in trouble for a bra that I wasn't even intending on buying anyway. But it ended up being a perfect fit and I like the design so...lol guess my luck just came in handy that day ^ ^ That's all for now kiddos! Thanks for reading :D

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