November 13, 2010

Cherry Gal is having a meet in December and you are invited to come!!

Hey guys! My gal circle is having a winter meet sometime early December. Discussions are currently being held about it here, so click the link for more information or if you have questions ask them there.

Unfortunately for me, there's been many factors playing into why I haven't attended a meet yet which does make me sad that I missed so many :( But I have a good feeling this time I will be able to go. School will most likely be out by then and I should have the money. Only time will tell.

*crosses fingers* ( > - < )x


  1. Thank you so much for advertising!!! :DD

    don't worry about missing meets your still as much a part of the circle as anyone. we are waiting to post a date so a lot of people can attend so let us know

  2. Oh I hope so much you can make it! I can't wait to meet you!

  3. I don't understand WHERE this will be.

  4. @Udoka: It's going to be in Houston, TX in one of our member Len's house. The address should all be on that page I linked.


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