November 14, 2010

First few weeks living with Hachi

has so far been both a tremendous joy and absolutely dreadful...but mostly a joy! I love him to bits but my goodness it's tough getting him to stop shitting anywhere he pleases and I couldn't tell at first where he would pee because sometimes after he drinks water from his bowl he trails water on the floor so I would assume it would be water majority of the time. But the family is persevering through it all and he's settling in well. He's finally fully vaccinated and we have him already on heart worm pills so now that he's all drugged up (jk XD) we can finally take him outside for walks which he really needs. At first he was stubborn with the leash, but after the first day he got used to it and has had some encounters with people admiring him and other dogs.

He cries every time we put him in his kennel after he takes a dump somewhere he shouldn't have. Besides that, he doesn't cry too much.

So far he hasn't caused any trouble interacting with others outside the family. Although he can be really shy and scared when a stranger approaches him. Regardless of that, training in December will probably toughen him up >:] I can already tell he's got it in him. I've got bitten way too many times and scratched but that's usually accidental. Usually. He needs his nails trimmed which is another reason why I'm glad we can finally walk him so they can slowly get filed down. And he's grown quite a bit since we got him! His body's definitely longer and it's getting tougher to hold him with just one hand now (packing on the pounds a bit) so I think we're doing a good job taking care of him :D

It's so adorable because every time I leave somewhere he'll start trying to follow me out the door or keep me from getting ready by tugging on my shoes or pants and every time I come back he goes ballistic! He does the same with my mom and sister too. I seriously treat him like a son of mine and I've noticed I've taken a sort of motherly instinct for him since day 1. I make sure things are done right, I check if he's nibbling on something he shouldn't or whether or not he's gotten his Nutri-Cal supplement. I just want him to be in my family for as long as possible and stay happy. Crazy part is, my mom plans on buying another puppy next year when we move into our house except he's going to be a beautiful Golden Retriever! I've always loved those dogs ever since I was little. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would eventually have one as a pet~ And about the house, I don't think I ever mentioned that in any of my posts but there you go lol we haven't been looking hardcore yet but sometime in June we should be moved in already. It's a good while from now so I don't have many details on all that but when I do I'll blog about it fer sure. Either way, things are definitely looking up for me!


  1. I miss when our Bichon was a puppy now!
    As for her following you, ours is like that with my mum! She is really loyal so it must be in their nature
    Wait until she's older, she will spoon with you like ours XD haha

  2. omg i don't want him to get any bigger than he is now! i love carrying him all the time and pampering him but i know it's inevitable. And omg he's super loyal! I hear they are so much like humans.

  3. Oh wow, you're so lucky! He's so cute! Dogs grow so quick so fast it's amazing to watch. I want ><

  4. What a cute puppy. If you keep putting him in the cage when he does something bad, he will slowly start to learn. I did that with my dog and now he is the best ever!!

  5. yeah he's super sweet but he still has a long way to go with his potty training. bichons are known to be tough to housebreak :(


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