November 8, 2010

For Colored take on it.

-Disclaimer!! Spoilers included! You've been warned.-

 I know every time I talk about a movie on my blog or facebook I'm always saying how good they were and that they're a "must watch". But this movie literally applied to so many aspects of my life and what I am currently coping with from my past that I absolutely had to talk about it. Before I move on, I feel it isn't appropriate for me to say exactly what happened in my past, as I'm sure many of my readers will understand, so I'm leaving it at that...

This movie made me feel emotional and moved. The last time I was this touched by a movie was back when I saw the Passion of Christ with my mom and my sister. This time, I just went with Vicky and you know how people say God works in mysterious ways? Well, he most definitely is working alright. To have a movie like this come at such brilliant timing for me almost sent chills down my spine as if it was fate that I watched it the very day it came out, which I did. I couldn't believe the stories in that movie because majority of their emotions and hardships were nearly dead on with my own. They were almost identical, if not that. I wanted to exploded gratitude to the original author of the poems the movie was based on. They were so deep and so powerful it shook my mind how significant those words are to girls and young women like myself. I definitely plan on buying and reading the book one of these days. And Tyler Perry. I could sit here and say that majority of his movies are good but they're all the same or that they degrade African Americans because of the coonery portrayed in his films but for one, I totally don't see that in them like I know some people do. Of couse ones with Madea's crazy ass there's bound to be her famous wild antics but I think that's put in there for some comic relief which is, imo, very important to have in a film or play otherwise the audience losses interest to some degree. And even if it's not for comic relief, so what? I respect his movies far more than those directors who make jokes like Soul Plane and The Lottery Ticket, although I did find both amusing but that's the thing. It ends there! No morale was behind it. Okay, maybe I should give The Lottery Ticket a little bit more credit compared to stupid Soul Plane but still those type of movies don't have shit on Tyler Perry's films! Js.

This movie showed me just how much he has changed for the better as a producer/director. He still had his typical elements but there was certainly newer concepts that I don't believe he's ever incorporated into his films like the death of the two children...completely blew me away. That was probably the author's original plot but still for me to know HE made a movie with such a tragic ending like that was shocking! Not to mention the rape scene of Anika Noni Rose who played as Yasmine (voice of Tiana from Princess and the frog), the abortion story of the two sisters and their MOTHER, and so on! Seriously, all of it was one shocking discovery after another although I had an idea that something bad was eventually going to happen to Anika's character. She was way too happy and content with her life, there was no way it made sense for her to be in the movie without something going terribly wrong, and it did. And to see miss Whoopi Goldberg in a movie which I haven't in so long was stranger than strange! But she totally did a great job playing the crazy overly religious mother, that's for sure! Not saying my mother is anywhere near that crazy, but there were times when I thought damn, she sounds like my mom! XD

And I never realized how Thandie Newton looked a little Asian. I found out she's half African and half white which I thought was pretty cool. GO AFRICAN ACTORS! Represent! haha! *ahem* Anyway, her role was interesting. I know this is a minor detail to it, but her swearing was what got me rolling! Each time she said bitch, she put so much diction and said it so swiftly I nearly died at the way she said it! You have to hear it for yourself to understand. And she had some cute outfits. I was kinda thinking, man that would look so cute on a gyaru! lol okay I'll stop. But she was totally devaluing her self-worth and hated her mother, who was Whoopi's character, which didn't help her situation. Not to mention she envied her younger sister that her mother clearly loved more.

I can't fail to mention Jan Jan's role as Jo, which she looked eerily so much like Michael I could not ignore it with that short hair cut she had. I knew her husband was sleeping around as soon as I noticed her occasional cough. But I was so wrong as to who I thought it was with. Turned out he was gay but as he put it, he was just a man who liked to have sex with other men -___- DENIAL! Just admit it! You aren't as straight as you thought you were! God this story in particular pissed me off. It's one thing to cheat on me, and okay so you like men now awesome good for you, but it's another to give me HIV because you were too much of a leech and a coward to say that you were more interested in men and were already seeing other people. I don't think justice was fully served on her end because she has to live with that terrible disease forever while constantly seeking medical attention to keep her immune system in check. I hate men who are so insecure about their masculinity they have to stoop so low by pretending they don't like other men.

Let's go ahead and talk about Kimberly Elise's role as Crystal. Yes I thought it was pretty cool having my name repeated in so many people's mouths throughout that movie....especially Janet's! I kinda shivered when she said it at one scene it was so cool. kinda felt like she was speaking to me! Oh but anyway, lemme say that I love love LOVE Kimberly Elise in all the movies she's in! She's just a hell of an actress and is slowly taking the place where Gabrielle Union is at on my top favorite black actresses which I never thought would happen. She did a great job once again *applauds* I felt her pain after her mentally disturbed husband murdered their young innocent children. I did not see that coming whatsoever and when it happened I was in complete disbelief throughout the rest of the movie until it was over. They showed him in jail but, okay?! So what if they put him in jail, that piece of shit deserves the death penalty for what he did! Mentally disturbed or not!! I was so upset that it had to end like that over a man, are you kidding me?! It was like she was the main character who almost literally lost it all. And honestly, there were a lot of factors that were put to blame from the incident happening. Her crazy husband for one by not getting help for his PTSD. Had he at least done that this whole thing would have never happened in the first place. Her bitchy boss Jo played by Janet Jackson who made her go all the way home to get that stupid paper for her meeting which triggered her husband's suspicion which then lead to his madness. But most importantly, a lot of it was Crystal's fault. At first when Gilda (lady from the Cosby Show) said it, my mouth fell open. How could it be her fault? She was trying to save the kids but his strength was far past her own and she didn't know he would go this far! But as I kept on thinking about it, she did play a huge part in her children's death by not calling it quits after experiencing verbal and physical abuse. She sadly has to accept that and live with it forever which I thought was a strong message to a lot of people. If you mess up, own up to your mistake, no matter how great. We're all human and things don't always go as planned, but you gotta pick yourself up and move forward. In this case, she's got a lot of picking up and moving forward to do with such a great loss unfortunately, but it can be done.

Countering with her story, Loretta Devine's character Juanita had the least struggle from the bunch. So she's been with this jerk off of a boyfriend or fiance who doesn't appreciate her love and keeps leaving her to go back to some chick who clearly doesn't have the same amount of affection towards him as she does and she's sick of it. Oh and she witnessed those children dying but bear in mind they weren't her children nor did she know the mother or father of them which made her a complete and total stranger those directly affected by the incident. Big whoop. I expected more but in a way I'm glad she was in the plot because there were so many gravely depressing scenes I NEEDED a little humor which she always brings in the character she plays.

Overall, this movie was my top favorites of this year and was far better than Precious. In fact, it made me rethink Precious and say that it was a tad bit overrated and hyped up. It was good, but it doesn't touch this movie along with TP's previous works. This takes the cake for me. I also think every girl needs to go see this at some point, regardless of whether your colored (ethnic) or not. The message speaks out to anyone and everyone who has been through tough times that not many people feel comfortable speaking about, including myself. Yes this review was long, but for damn good reason. Remember, everything I said was my opinion and we can always agree to disagree but if you did watch this movie let me know your thoughts and if you haven't but are now planning to, come back and post what you thought about it :]

Favorite movie of 2010 thus far!

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