November 30, 2010

Hair update - Relaxer after 15 weeks post

EDIT - I really do hope everyone had a safe and fun Thanksgiving break! I'd love to talk about mine but I'll leave the details for another post I'm gunna do (hint: Black Friday shopping ^ ^). Just had to say that real quick. I nearly forgot to mention it!

 Well really it's about 8 weeks since my last relaxer didn't take for shit! I was so mad. Never again will I use Organic Root Stimulator >:X I do feel that my hair has improved dramatically since my last experience with it which was right before I got my sew-in. Stupid me didn't add any moisture after doing my protein treatment (big no no). There was so much breakage I was almost in tears TAT But after doing a touch up using Mizani Butter Blends in Normal/Mild on a full inch and a half on my new growth there was so much length! See for yourself . . .

Green line = Where I'm at now / Yellow line = Where I wanna be beginning summer of next year.

So I guess right now I'm almost at APL? > < I still got a long way to go though. I had to damp my hair some for you to properly see the different since right now my hair is in natural curls. I will be doing the half and half method from hence forth. This was actually the first time I relaxed my roots all by myself without the help of my sister or my mom so I was very proud with the results! It can be done ladies, and/or gentlemen ^ ^ The half and half method helped me not overprocess parts of my hair and it was so efficient for me even though I was a little sloppy with it xP But that was expected.

One thing that I was slightluy disappointed with was the relaxer didn't quite get my hair as bone straight as I had it before when my hairdresser did it but I guess that's because he left it in much longer than I did (over an hour). I waited about 30 - 40 minutes on each half. Rinsed each side out then shampooed it with a neutralizing shampoo and did a protein treatment followed up by a deep conditioner with honey in it. My hair never felt so soft! I'll do some pictorials on how I dc later. After waiting for it to dry up to about 60%, I roller set it and the next morning it looked so gorg! Sorry, I didn't take any pix, but there will always be more times when I get the opportunity to so be waiting out for that. I hope that my hair retains this length more than anything though. It's all good and well that it grows, but for it to show in length is what I'm really aiming for.

Hope you liked this hair update! I should be doing more of these soon :3

Wish me luck and HHJ!


  1. Compared to most people with a perm, your hair is long! But your goal is definitely achievable. You'll be there by next summer. For sure. I know some people who's hair has been the same length since 8th grade it's ridiculous. You know how to take care of your hair, more than I ever did with a perm >< ---->

    I've never used Mizani. My mom used to use the Just for Me relaxer (yes, the kiddie perm, but it worked really well on me) and my hair would come out really straight. Maybe you should try that? I dunno. I'm really tender headed so a relaxer never stayed on for longer than 20 minutes with me. Test the waters, you'll never know what you'll find.

  2. thank you! yeah those no-lye relaxers don't do anything for my hair type (4b/c, super thick and tight sig-zag curl patterns).

    My sister used to use that box perm too. I hope I can get there though. *crosses fingers* (^ - ^)x


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