November 24, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows + My love for Rupert G.

Hello all! Now I know I'm late on updating you on things, but as you all know this semester for most college kids is finally coming to a close. I'm feeling pretty good about passing all my classes so thank God I don't have to worry about doing any extra tests or study 10 times as hard for my finals. That would suck so much ass. Anyway, what I wanna talk about briefly is the new HP movie that came out last weekend. I watched it the day it came out and it was such a huge turnout (obviously). One thing I've noticed about the Harry Potter audience and the Twilight audience is that the HP audience has such nice respectful people. When I went to go watch Twilight for the first time there were so many obnoxious little turds that I simply could not enjoy the movie the way I wanted to. Dunno if that has to do anything with the appeal each movie has to different age groups, but my guess is it does. *cough* Harry Potter's better*cough* Even thought Twilight did get me to start reading, I'll always have more respect for J.K. Rowling :/

As tradition, my sister and I always go to watch Harry Potter movies together. Never would I want to watch one with someone else. That's just how it's always been for us. But imo, I loved it! So many interesting scenes and brilliant acting! Mind you, I'm still reading the series so Vicky caught me up on a few things so I wouldn't be lost. It overall was thrilling but I know that the next movie will take the cake for me. I'm all about battles of good and evil so I just know it's going to be epic (haven't said that in a while :P)! I suggest you watch it if you have not already if you're a Harry Potter fan!

Rupert Grint. Ahh my ice cream man! I admired him since I believe the 3rd movie, and he still manages to keep looking more and more desirable in each film. Idk what it is about him. There are times when I think he really looks awkward but still something about him drives me wild! He's the only ginger I would push a bitch out of the way for :D Before I saw the movie I looked up more movies he's going to be in and found this trailer . . .

Is he not the sexiest little thing or what?! omg that girl he was making out with is one lucky son of a bitch that's for sure! So hot! lol I have a problem I know but I can't help but express how attracted to him I was from just watching this movie. Perez can say whatever he wants to about his face, I still think he's stunningly beautiful! I so wanna meet him one day. Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow! I have a lot to update you on later this week so do stick around :D


  1. okay im not going to read till after the movie >.<

  2. lol i don't believe i put any spoilers in this one but i don't blame you for being cautious. i wouldn't want anyone ruining it for me either XP


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