November 14, 2010

New contacts O.O + NOTD

Two weeks ago, I went for a check up with a new eye doctor at the regular location I go for my eye exams. He was a middle aged Korean man and dare I say that he is most definitely a looker! *ahem* Anyway, he basically checked my eyes and said that it would be best for someone with my prescription should probably try out hard lenses. Before I went to him that day, I had no clue what those even were. But he explained that they would help me see much clearer than the softer ones I was currently wearing and they were also breathable which made me feel compelled to try them out. Only thing he stressed was that they are using very discomforting to people who go from regular soft contacts to hard ones. Each time you blink, it slightly moves the contact on your eyeball but since I've been through so much with my eyes throughout the years, I figured it wouldn't be no big thang XP

Last Tuesday they arrived, and they were crazy expensive! Before I tried them on, I noticed they were much smaller than regular soft lenses. They're almost the size of your pupil but slightly bigger. Here's some pics and me trying them on at home...

Yes they included a "plunger" like tool to take these out but I find it just as easy to use my fingers.
So let's break it down.

Things I like about them:
  •  They're breatheable! Which means I can wear them for long periods of time without much concern.
  • They're easier to put on and take off than my old ones.
  • I can see 20/20 vision! So much clearer than before!
Things I do not like about them:
  • They do feel discomforting especially when my eyes are dry
  • My eyes don't look as big as they did with the old ones since these are smaller. Makes my eyes look dull and blah! 
  • The solution I use is so thick! It's almost like a greasy substance and when it's in my eye, it feels like I have eye boogies XP
  • They sometimes feel like they wanna fall out bc of the way they sit on th center of my eyeball
  • One lens actually did pop out without much warning
Overall, even though there are clearly more cons than pros, I can still see myself not having too much trouble with them given some more time getting used to them. Plus, I feel less worried about going blind with these ones than the other pair I had but I'll probably wear my glasses on days when I don't wanna deal with the discomfort.

Can't forget to post my cute polka dot NOTD! I wanted to finally use those rhinestones I bought ages ago for deco'ing my camera, zune, and phone but since I never did buy the proper glue I think for now I'll use some of them for my nails.

The top coat didn't do me much justice since a rhinestone fell off the next day but it could have been because I didn't put on enough now that I look back on it. But I think I'm getting the hang of doing creative nail looks :D I got compliments on them in a few of my classes too ^ ^ Not sure what I'll be doing next. Any ideas?


  1. The plunger is quite amusing! XD
    But I think those lenses look so great on you, they add a lovely size to your eyes :D
    and your nails are lovelyyyy

  2. Very cute nails! :) Keep experimenting with jewels and different top coats or glues. Crazy glue works best for me.

  3. @Samispoon: thank you! lol yeah the plunger thing took me aback for a moment but I think it's more efficient than using tweezers.

    @Alicia: Yeah I think I'm gunna try another brand cuz Revelon's sucks.

  4. The plunger looks scary. Yeah I'd rather use my fingers.
    Your nails are cute. But yup,Revlon does suck. Nail polish and even most of their eye shadows. i'd try something else. OPI maybe?

  5. @Ivie: I wish I had OPI money :( I need to start investing in higher quality brands. Can't stand using this cheap shit.

  6. hahaha the plunger xD i want to try that.

  7. Wow those lenses look so great on you, they suit you perfectly. You are so pretty!!

    Man, I need that plunger type of tool. The first time I tried to take my lenses out was like a nightmare, I thought I would have to go to the doctor to have them removed haha.

    Your nails are really beautiful too, I like how you made them^^


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