November 7, 2010

OFTD + Halloween weekend (pic shortage ' ^ ' )

I hope everybody had a fantastic Halloween weekend, I know I did! Last Saturday was superb! The Slaughter House (which is a haunted house) was scary as hell and if it weren't for Roosevelt leading the pack of terrified black adolescents we would not have made it alive. I was clinging onto him for dear life because these assholes kept getting in my face every time I screamed > < But it was so worth the money and the wait which was nothing compared the the year I went back in 08'. After that, we all went to Razoo's. It was the first time I ever tried aligator tail and fried pickles and they were both so strangely good I could see myself going back for more! Rose and I shared this frozen ice cream like cheesecake dessert and it filled me up! I know some of you expected pix, but because of all the distractions I had, eh, it totally went right over my head. By the time I realized that it was too late :( I wanted to share so many moments by posting pictures so I'm just as, if not more,  ticked off at myself as you probably are.

Same with the next day. I went to go watch Drood The Musical in the Denton community theater with my friend Gabby on Sunday (Halloween) and it was so funny! For those who've never seen it, it was basically one of those mystery plays that are interactive with the audience. Kind of like the play I did the end of my senior year so :D I loved the acting and the vocals. There was on guy specifically who stood out to me the most! He was so talented and I wish I could have found him after curtain call to tell him directly how marvelous his performance was. It's been a while since I seen a play so it felt pretty refreshing. The only picture of the play I managed to take was of the program of the production.

The area we watched it in was so different from what I'm used to. I'll probably go there again and take pictures to show the beauty of it but they has so many small shops to check out. Speaking of which, we then were starving afterward so we went into a bar and had burgers and fries which btw, were heavenly! Bar food has got to be some of the best food by far I swear. Next time though I promise to take pics!

Here's what I wore on that Sunday though.

Like my ghostly drawing?

Shirt: Walmart - $5
Leggings: Belk - ???

I altered the shirt bc the regular shirt was so plain looking plus I love making my regular t-shirts into off the shoulder ones ^ ^ So much fun! Oh and no I'[m not wearing any shoes since I already took them off, plus they didn't look that great with the outfit anyway :P Still need more pumps and boots! It's finally starting to get chilly outside. That's all I have for this post. I enjoyed this year's Halloween season but I do hope next year I go to a party of club of some sort.

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