December 27, 2010

Christmas haul! σ (· ω ·σ )

I been kind of absent from the internet lately bc mainly I was a little sick as I think I stated in my last post and my mom was having severe problems with her bowel movement. She was in some serious pain and even was vomiting all Thursday night up till the next morning. I've never seen her so sick :( I'm not gunna lie, it had me very worried. I wanted to take her to the hospital immediately but we ended up taking her to the e.r. the next morning (Christmas Eve) and they basically said that she had to stay over there for about a night or two. Thus, she didn't get the spend Christmas day with me and Vicky at home. Instead, we invited Tam and Derric over to spend it with us and I got my presents from both of them. I pretty much made all the food though thanks to my sister being a lazy ass. It was cool though, cuz at the time I wanted to. I was really impressed with how good the honey glazed brown sugared ham, deviled eggs and coconut chocolate macaroons came out :D I used a simple holiday cookbook my mom bought and surprisingly enough everybody loved it! I wish i took pix of everything I made, but I only remembered to take pics of the macaroons which were the easiest thing to make out of them all.

 They were a so golden and crunchy I was tempted to make more but I had to save that for the peppermint hot chocolate I wanted to make later for everyone. I didn't realize how much of a good host I can be ^ ^ I was proud of myself actually haha! Moving on with the actual HAUL of this post, I only just opened my presents today since my mom finally came back this afternoon from the hospital. We thought it'd be pretty messed up to open up our presents without her being there. It wouldn't have been the same. UGH but the two days in between were slowly killing me!

already took swatches of these as you can
Always got love for bows!

My new favorite purse! Thank you mommy!
Probably my favorite present...a fuggin sewing machine! Like a boss! :D

silly sister didn't get the right size, but I'm still gunna rock 'em anyways! I need more leopard print in my raifu.
This is so trendy right now in the gyaru world! Gotta love Tam.
I got some more clothes I got too, but I'll post those as time goes on. I don't wanna make this ultra long
(‘□ `.) I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas weekend as I did and I can't wait for the new year to come!


  1. Wow, your macaroons seems delicious! I've never eat coconut chocolate macaroons, I'll have to try them once :D
    I really like bows! and your new bag is really pretty *///*!

  2. Damn! That purse and those shoes are fierce O_O <3333 love!

  3. lmao damn that Purse is sexy~!...>.> Can a purse be sexy? XD well to me that is one sexy bag~
    Kyaaa such cute bows too~<3


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