December 13, 2010

Christmas time and no more school!! *(¯ ∀ ¯)*

Hey everyone! I am officially on winter break! Woo hoo!! Well I have been for almost a week now, but man it feels good to sleep in everyday! & the best part is, I passed every single one of my classes with B's and higher including Trig! Everyone was telling me I was going to get gang banged in there, but nope! I made it out perfectly un-violated thank you very much! I remember when I signed up for it I thought I was setting myself up for failure but it wasn't even that bad. Gotta love easy math courses. My next challenge will be Calculus I next semester but thankfully I have a cool guy who helped me in Trig who's also going to be in my same class so if things get tough, he'll be my study buddy like always (* ^ O ^ *)

I hope you all did well on your finals too and weren't stressing too much near the end of this semester.

But moving on to a more merry topic, it's Decemeber which means Christmas is not too far from now and I am so excited! This will be the first Christmas Hachi spends with us and the 2nd year Derric comes over to visit. Sadly, I will be staying in boring Lewisville again for Christmas this year instead of visiting relatives. Would have been beastly if I could have seen my cousins in London but hopefully we will next year. Personally, I love being around tons of people during the holidays. It just makes things less depressing for the family in my perspective regardless of how many presents I get. I am however going to my first Christmas party in a long time hosted by my friend Elese on the 22nd which should be a blast! I always wanted to go to a Christmas event around the holidays but I never had the money or people willing to accompany me :( It should be fun! Oh and I thought I'd take some pics of my tree to add more holiday spirit. Enjoy!

Tree's fake. Wish it was real :P

Ornaments on the tree ~

Ever since I was litte, these santa heads would freak me right the fuck out! He just looks like he'd be in your nightmares ;__;
 Had to camwhore a tad ^-^


  1. CONGRATS! I posted my happiness over the same topic a bit after you @_@ I'm so happy I passed and so happy you did too! Again, celebration time!

    Lol, my tree is fake too; Your's is cute ;u;

    Have a happy Xmas Break!!!

  2. Thanks you too!! & I'm about to go read it actually lol!

  3. Those are lovely ornaments and love the whole look of the tree!


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