December 20, 2010

A day out at the mall

Ello everyone! I'm so angry because the weather is so fuggin' hot! I went to walk Hachi earlier today and I came back a little sweaty because I wore a sweater. I wish it would get super cold like the day before Christmas. Anyway, Thursday me, my sister, and Tam went to the Galleria mall to shop but before then we got something to eat at H-Mart. I had friend dumplings, sister had a california roll, and Tam had THIS!

Doesn't that look scrumptious! It was some spicy seafood noodle dish and boy was it spicy > . < But very yummy and filling! I had to help him finish it haha! I could barely finish my own plate of food. After we ate, we went to the mall and he intended on shopping for his friends but ending up buying this nice looking vest from Zara instead and we had some Marbleslab. It was my first time trying their ice cream and it was so delish! I got the caramel ice cream in a regular bowl with snickers mashed in it as my topping.

I enjoyed it quite thoroughly (o ^ ー ^) o I love caramel/chocolate ANYTHING! The mall's main Christmas tree looked phenomenal! I just wanted to stand there gazing at it for a whille. I had to take pictures of it.

Oh and here's some pics of what I wore.

no full body shots but I wanted to show you the scarf I was wearing cuz I made it about two, three months ago. It was fairly easy to make. I want to add more detail to it though. Maybe use some black lace as a sequence...idk. So anywho, that's all I got for now. Thanks so much for reading! Bai bai!

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