December 23, 2010

Early gifts

Hello all! My friend Elese, Victoria, and I all meet up at the mall to hang out and just do some catching up. The sweetheart already gave me these adorable HK white earmuffs a day or two before.

Can't see details too well, but I'll post a better pic of it later
I wish it'd get colder so I can hurry up and wear them. She even ended up still getting me and my sister stockings filled with goodies! ★ (^-^) I thought one gift was already enough.

Hello Kitty collectibles were also included. Look at how they compliment my cute desktop
I already ate most of the chocolate. & I can't wait to get my car so I can put those cute collectibles on my dashboard! I love them so much! Oh and guess what I saw at Walmart the other day? Idk if I'm late and they sell these everywhere but I saw this furry tail looking toy and I thought OMG it's a fox tail for only $5!!

lol I know it's not the same thing but I'm not gunna lie, I was tempted to actually get it and modify it so I could wear it as my temporary one until I get the money to actually buy a real one. But it's way too long and Hachi would probably steal if from me (* ・ Д ・ *) Btw, I'm sick but I'm sort of feeling better now. I wanted to edit and make so many posts before Christmas but idk if that'll happen with the way I'm feeling but I'll definitely try my best to. Till next time~


  1. Omgosh!! I wanted that Sewing Machine</3
    &&cute stuffz btw♪(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)♡


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