December 3, 2010

Internatinal Manba Day o (〃 ^ ▽ ^ 〃) o

Even though I missed it, I couldn't help but put on my make up after seeing so many lovely gals take their part on the occasion.

I personally never was crazy about this extreme style of gyaru which explains why I only just started taking great interest in gal as I noticed the style died down a bit. I understood the idea behind it, but it just isn't my thing so this was just for fun I suppose. Surprisingly though, I had a lot of fun with this make up look! I might do a better version of it later, who knows :] There's definitely things I would work on doing better than I did with this first attempt xP I made a tut video for it too. But it's more like a "How I did this" type thing...cuz people can seriously run with their ideas for this style.

& while on the subject, let me add that I am not one of those people that consider mamba or any gal style as a "costume" to try on and take off. In fact, the way I see it I'm exploring my horizons really. I know there are still gals out there who take this style far more seriously and are still dedicated to it than many do now which I completely respect. However I just want to make this clear, that just because I don't consider myself mamba doesn't mean I'm intentionally trying to disrespect those that do. It's purely for the sake of showing my gal spirit to the community and also a great way to help me practice my make up if I ever do decide to be more extreme with my gyaru style. But that's a big if. So please, don't take any of this the wrong way and look at it at the wrong angle. & with that said, I'm out!


2NE1's new video? Love it or hate it? Can you guess what I think of it? lol if you guess right, then you know that I loved it!! Someone on the comments said that this is their old style but honestly, I never noticed their style change drmatically from when they first debuted. Is that just me? They seem to be the same group I loved from the beginning up till now so I don't understand what was so different about their recent MV's. They still rock in my book! They're almost up there with my beloved Wonder Girls, but not quite :]


  1. you look soo good ne :D Love it ne :D goo manba

  2. omg you're such a cute manba!

  3. Looks awesome!!!
    Im so sad I missed out, I want to do some Manba XD hehe

  4. I didnt even know it was a mamba day -__-
    lol But i loved your look!

    random i know but i put your blog on
    my blogs i recomend list! just to let you konw<3

  5. OMG!!! that 2ne1 vid is the business! looovvvee it!!! ^0^


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