December 11, 2010

StepxStep no. 1

What I've learned after my previous post most importantly is perseverance. With anything you just can't give up because if you want something to happen for you, you gotta make it happen. So this "StepxStep" will be a new series I'm introducing to my blog by becoming more confident with myself step by step until I have reached the point where my confidence is at a level exactly where I want it to be. I will be doing posts of the gyaru make up, hair styles, outfits or anything that I feel pushes me out of my comfort level I wore for the day in public. I made a rule that if I take a picture in it, then I must go somewhere public wearing whatever it is exactly the way it is in the picture. I seem to always take pix of make up looks I like but rarely do I go out and wear them so I think this way I'll be forced to wear more extreme styles. These I guess can be considered FOTD, OOTD type posts as well but with a twist. But please don't expect anything special the first couple posts. I'll hopefully grow more and more self-esteem and eventually these will be more interesting and bold.

Let's start off with today's StepxStep no. 1!!

Not sure why I sounded extra nervous ;___; & Sorry about the shakiness.


  1. i think this is a very great idea! =)

  2. :) can't wait and btw you look so cute in the video!

  3. Guuurl, yo eyes look gorgeous in those lenses...with those lenses on them! Very very big and cute xD I never heard of putting your perscription lenses on top of circle lenses before...I just wear my circle lenses with my glasses lol I'm excited to watch you progress in these videos and posts x3 I wish you the best of luck
    x's & O's

  4. I didnt know you could have youtube vids on your blog and not publish them. Awesome idea. And you can combine lenses.....? Yeah it sounds scary. This is such an awesome idea I am proud of you and feel excited for you. Please post what your doctor states. It will help most on circle lens.

    haha btw. "Step by step , day by day..." <-- cant get it out of my head XD.

  5. Thank you lovelies!

    @Glee: Yeah I it's the "Unlisted" option next to the Private check box they have. I thought it was pretty neat and I'd put it to use at some point :] & don't worry i will. Dunno when that'll be but hopefully soon!


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