December 21, 2010

StepxStep no. 2

I had to use my webcam for this one bc stupid me damaged my memory card (don't ask how, it was rly stupid -___-) so I have to wait to buy a new one. But don't worry, the next time I post another StepxStep, I should be using my regular camera...or probably my mom's since hers is way better than mine. One thing I wish I added with this outfit was some jewelery. Idk where my head was when walking out the door without any earrings, bracelets, or a necklace. Meh, I need some new ones anyway so that might have also been a subconscious choice. Anyway, I hope you like!

1 comment :

  1. haha still have the glow effect XD.
    I know what you mean about those stupid boys, once you hear "shorty" run.
    Also the jewelery would of help but it looks good the way it is a well.


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