December 13, 2010

Taken to Single...?

I totally just ignored talking about this but I didn't wanna leave you all hanging. So remember Roosevelt? lol idk why that sounded funny to me XD Well he and I, in case you haven't noticed, are no longer together. We were about to be on our 6 month anniversary until I decided to call it quits earlier this month. Believe me, I've tried to keep the relationship going but after a certain point I really couldn't understand why so I just stopped. I just wasn't happy for a handful of reasons but mainly he wasn't ready for a relationship yet, which is understandable and I have no bitterness towards him for it. We remain as friends although now it seems like we're more acquaintances because we haven't talked since which is also not a problem with me. I just felt loads better after doing it that it didn't even phase me. In fact, Victoria and my friends all encouraged me to do so for the longest time but only God  knows why I was taking centuries to do it. Well I guess I just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. I hate breaking up with people. It's so awkward and then there's always that weird feeling you get when you see each other again. Then your friends start telling you "I told you so!" and UGH!

I pretty much written out a set of things I should go by for the next boyfriend I get in a private note on tumblr. Sort of a way to refer back to in case I need guidance and my friends aren't there. In a way the standards are high, but honestly it's more in the personality area than appearance. I've noticed from the last two relationships I've been in that looks are not everything. Personality and good character are! I can't see myself with someone who isn't remotely familiar with Japanese/Korean culture, or likes to watch the same shows and movies I watch, or smoothly fits in with my wild friends, or is there for me when I'm having a moment, or--the list can go on. I guess what I've learned is to never settle. I've done that time and time again and that's gotten me no where. No offense to Roosevelt because he was a nice person, but definitely not boyfriend material in my book...or I'm sure anyone elses but I won't go into details about that in his respect. So yeah! There you have it. I will be staying single for who knows how long but I know that I'm perfectly content with the way things are :)


  1. I recently broke up with Jung because we were just not connecting at all. We both thoughts we were better off as friends; it's nice to have a clean break-up without any drama XD

  2. I feel really happy reading this; it took me a long time to get to that point too. For now, enjoy your time being single (go out with your friends, enjoy your family and live life to the fullest)!

    You're absolutely right! Settling will only end with unhappiness ;u; lets both get those dream guys, okay? XD

  3. I love drama free break ups. I don't get them often but when I do, it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

    lol & yes Brooke of course we will! Ganbatte!!


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