March 11, 2011

I'm back kiddos!!!

DISCLAIMER: I feel it's still necessary to acknowledge the devastation that occurred in parts of Asia and Hawaii this last night/this morning. I feel for all those who were affected by it and will pray for all those who have yet to be found. I plan on donating what I can afford to in efforts to help and I encourage everyone else do the same. Imagine this happening to your country.

After a lil over 2 months now too. I didn't think I'd be so accurate when I predicted that was how long I was going to wait for my return. I was actually wanting to wait longer due to just recently getting hired, thus, not having enough monies to show significant changes in my gyaru journey (although there are still changes nonetheless!). But since I luckily now have sponsors to promote I had to push my comeback date a little earlier to not upset them lol! Don't wanna be blacklisted now!

But I'll get to that sponsorship business in a soon to come post ^__~*

Well? What do you think of the new decked out layout? Pretty neat or what? It is for someone who just started using it that's for sure haha! I'm constantly learning new features and way to edit things. It's a lot of fun especially when what I wanted comes out the way I envisioned it to be. Totally loving the way I did my banner though. I'm most impressed with that. *pats self on the back* And yes, I even drew that cute little "Choco gal" character at the top. I guess we'll call her Kuri (aka chibi version of self). I think she's cute! But damn, it would be so much easier to create her if I had a tablet. *jots down on things to get* lol so make yourself comfortable on my blog if you wish now that it's a little bit more of my least atm since it's forever changing haha! Oh and the whole "let your mind run a muck, and don't give a bleep" is to pretty much announce that this time around I'm going to speak my mind on here more than ever. Yeah...not only keeping it to tumblr folks anymore. Just gunna let it all out! It's healthy, yeah?

Last thing then I'm out of here. Not only am I back on the blogging train, but so am I on my Youtube channel. I have mounds of videos planned out in like script form which is something I've never done before but we'll see where it takes me. I's actually intense how hard I've worked on the stuff I'm going to upload -___- So it would hurt me greatly if none of you took the time to watch. And it would make me dance like a Japanese school girl if you did...even though I already do dance like one >__> That's it for now! And please, look forward to more posts!


  1. New follower here, welcome back ^^; I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you~

  2. When I scrolled down my dashboard and saw this, I gasped and went "Oh finally! Thank the lord!" I'm just glad your back!

  3. Welcome back and thanks for the follow!!
    congrats on just getting hired.

  4. Your new hair is amazingly cute! I'm glad to see you're back♪


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