March 14, 2011

People's inconsiderate comments about Japan's situation + easily make a donation

So initially my plan for this week's posts was to go on straight to reviews and catching you guys up on this busy body but this topic just needs a post of it's own.

First off, I know that the world is a cruel place. Things always tragically happen due to corruption in the government, natural disasters, war, famine, and the list continues on. I pray almost everyday for the protection of all the people going through those issues to have a better day because I would never wish even my worst enemy to experience what they're experiencing. I don't discriminate on who deserves to be prayed for either. We all as human beings should never have to go through tough times like these. Call me a cheesy, lame, goody goody, attention seeking all you want, but I strongly believe that if we don't work together as a team to get things done, then who the hell is going to do it?

What enrages me is all the stupid talk about Japan deserving this from what happened in Pearl Harbor. It's not even worth talking about how foolish those statements are. Not to mention the ones about God killing off the Atheists that live there. I won't go there either because this post will never end. What I don't like is how some people are actually using this as an opportunity to either *~stand out from the crowd~* by stating the fucking obvious being that Japan isn't the only place in the world suffering or maybe I'm hoping it's just diarrhea of the mouth. I notice a lot of comments like these occur after a tragic event like this happens to any country or state. Here's what I'd like to say to that.


Besides the obvious reasons why Japan's earthquake and tsunami aftermath has gotten so much attention in comparison to recent natural disasters that have happened in other places over the past few years, considering the type of people who you surround yourself with via online communities or irl of course we're all going to feel heavily affected by it! As an individual who is deeply intrigued by their language, food, music, art, technology, FASHION, and overall culture would it not make more sense to feel more strongly depressed? The country that has influenced us tremendously is in great trouble for the first time in a long time is not something that will make you jump for joy now is it? I'm not saying it's always right for everybody to spend more money for charity on your favorite places since everyone could use some help but FFS! I'm not gunna pretend like this hasn't deeply affected me just to please everybody else! So fuck all those idiots giving redundant information of the other tragic events that's happened here or happening there because although you are saying we all deserve the same level help which is true, you make it sound like those wanting to give donations to their own choice of charity are assholes because they refuse to give to everyone else. Sorry we're not all rich enough to hand out money to everyone in need, but if someone feels THAT touched by a cause, let them help. Who gives a fuck if it's just for their own personal bias, as long as they have the motivation to save a life why does it even matter? So please, give this stupid argument a rest. I'm so sick of hearing it.

Anyway, I paid only $5 through my paypal account because that's all I can give for now until I finish paying for other important expenses I have. Mind you this isn't the only donation I have given throughout my lifetime so let's not go there with the "Oh she's only giving because it's Japan! What a heartless whore!" as I've already explained my reason for doing so. But to those who want to give even as little as $5 you basically create a paypal account if you haven't already, transfer money from your back account to your paypal account, give it a couple of business days to process and once it's processed, you can click here to donate to whatever charity for what ever cause. Here's some screen shots for those who want a visual.

(Click img to make bigger in separate window)

They'll give you a few options to choose from at first, but the lowest donation options they have for those are $25. So what I did was click on the drop down menu on one that pertained tot he cause I wanted to give to and donated the amount I was willing to give. Then click the Donate Now button and it should be purchased through your paypal account.
You should get a thank you letter and receipt for your donation.
It's really simple and only took me less than one minute. So please guys, let's help heal the damage that's been done bit by bit and stop all the mindless arguing. Be back later in the week for some fun stuff. I got work in the morning, so good night readers!


  1. It's past being inconsiderate. It's just pure inhumanity. *close eyes and exhales deeply* I just can't deal with some people sometimes. All I know is everyone in my house donated from their phones to the REDCROSS and that's all that matters. Do what's right. Because if something like this ever happened in the US,*cough*Katrina*cough*, they same people would be begging for help.

  2. Mm- I honestly don't hold it against people if they don't donate, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE when they do. :] (I even appealed to my vainer side and donated via buying a bracelet from the Lady Gaga shop.)

    And... I cannot comprehend the 'they deserved it because ___' thing that people always seem to do whenever any disaster befalls ANYONE.

    Will they themselves 'deserve it' when something happens to them? Ugh. *eyeroll*

  3. I think you made some really great and sensible statements about this sort of backlash to the Japan Disaster. People can complain that it's getting so much more attention than Haiti, Christchurch, Katrina etc. But the fact is, Japan is receiving soooo much less donations. Outside the circles of people who enjoy Japan, others are just not caring that much.


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