March 17, 2011

Product haul + Reviews ・:,. ☆

Never had one of these before O.o
I done lots of shopping for make up and skin care and here's some of the stuff I got recently.

Here we have a pair of Sephora lashes and NARS blush in Desire. This blush is simply BOSS! I think I won't need to look for another any time soon. It just might be my first staple because good Lord this blush is bangin'! It's hard finding a blush for my skin tone that shows up but thankfully after I got off work and went to Sephora to check if they had what I was looking for, there was a cute gay guy who was a representative for NARS in the region. I told him what I was looking for and he pretty much hooked me up! I was so thankful! I wish I hugged him. It ran me about $25 but the only reason why I didn't care about the price is because I'm sure the cheaper stuff won't show up as well as this right here so what's the point in waiting? But do correct me if I'm wrong. Recommendations are definitely appreciated. Here's the swatches and me wearing it.

FFFFUUUU! I still need lots of work with putting on lashes correctly.
The lenses will be discussed in another post.

Never has blush looked so pink on my cheeks before I'm so happy ヽ (* · ω ·) OH! And as you can see I was also wearing the new lashes I got from Sephora too for only $8 which is better than spending $15 like I impulsively did the first time I bought from there for some lashes that I don't even wear anymore
(* ‘Д `) = з They are a lot like Dolly Wink no. 1's.

Lastly we have three new skin care products for my new regimen. I'm finally trying to stick to one and be consistent with it. I'm hoping this time around it actually works.

I really do love the idea of using anything natural because anything with excess amounts of chemicals just seems so damaging in multiple ways. So far using Alba Botanica's deep pore wash is refreshing and isn't too drying. St. Ives naturally clear green tea scrub is heavenly when applying it first thing in the morning! It too is very refreshing and wakes you up! As for Neutrogena's sunscreen, typically I stay away from this brand but I really needed some sunscreen and the other options I saw weren't cutting it so I bought this. Sunscreen apparently helps with not only protecting your skin from UV rays but since I use AMBI's fade mark creme for my ugly acne scars it says to use a sunscreen with it to prevent the sun from making the marks re-appear which is really annoying so that's why I bought it.

I haven't seen any miracles from using these products together but maybe I should give it more time. Grr...this spring break is actually pretty lame. I wanna hang out with people but then again I don't. It's partially my fault. But I really dread the idea of going back to school. I can't win!! Bye for now!


  1. i can already tell you right now--st. ives doesnt work.

    shit is HORRIBLE.
    if you want natural face soap, use aveeno

  2. figures...
    it was so cheap i couldn't resist haha i needed a scrub bad! but yeah aveeno's definitely the business. next time i'll get it.


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