March 20, 2011

SPONSORED POST: GEO Green Tri Color World Series Review from Crystal Eyes

  I'm a little late posting up this review since the video was already uploaded Friday but unfortunately that same night my poor laptop was infected with a virus and stupid me never did get any spyware anti-virus protection on there, thus, I can't edit ANYTHING on there without it fucking up somehow or shutting down on it's own every few minutes. No worries though. Thankfully, there's a bunch of cool guys I just so happen to know who are always willing to help out. I should get it back in mint condition on Wednesday. For now I'm using my desktop which is slow but it's better than nothing, right?

So yeah, this is a sponsored post by Crystal Eyes. They're a newer company so not many people have heard of them but I think they have promise. Their communication is good and the shipping was just about normal and this was shipping during the holiday season so you can imagine how hectic it must have been. They're site is very easy to access.

As for the lenses, I already made a video talking about all different categories on it but I will let you followers know my input on here as well.

The comfort of these lenses aren't bad at all! They're the most comfortable ones I've ever owned! But they aren't so comfortable to where I don't need lubrication for them. Every 3 hours I would put in eye drops but that's not a hassle for me so I don't consider that a bad thing.

The brightness level is amazing outdoors or in a well lighted room. In natural lighting, they are still noticeable but their true beauty can be seen in front of the sunlight. They aren't too green either so they look like my natural eye color just like they did in the picture that was provided.

The enlarging effect was at a minimal only because these lenses have a diameter of 14.0mm so they're purpose is more for the natural look more than anything else. If that's what you're going for, than these circle lenses are fab!

Overall customer service:
I thought overall customer service was good. For someone running it all on their own it must be difficult but she got around to my questions/concerns well as I said earlier and my packaging was well put together. It also arrived on time.

I gotta head off to work now, but here's some pix of the lenses in different lighting.

direct light


indoor light


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  1. haha I hate lens reviews.
    I would want to buy every single one.
    >.< tempting tempting


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