March 28, 2011

Spring Break Fun + GETS

Spring break was last week for me and started off so slow but by the time Thursday night came, it was like a constant chain of awesome events following up with each other! But I'll start off with the gets then talk about my meet up with a new friend of mine :)

This shirt was too expensive now that I'm looking back on it but I bought it impulsively. I just really wanted a crop top and this one looked damn good on me so I just thought ahhh wth who cares. Got it from Pac Sun.

Forever XXI had a sale going on with some of their jewelery and their earrings were like $1.50 each! So I bought like 4 of em and a necklace for the same price. I hope they don't fall apart on me being so damn cheap xP

Thursday night I contacted Giovanni, who's somewhat well known on Youtube/Facebook and I been watching his videos for months now. Some of them are his tricking acts and others are about hair and products which I highly recommend for any guy of African descent to check out if they want straight vk or Asian styled hair! Link is in my video description on the video below. It all happened so unexpectedly because my friends pushed me to do it after hearing how cool I thought it would be for us to meet up! I had a feeling it wasn't going to happen because whenever people I want to meet come near my area, there's always something the prevents me from visiting them like in the Cherry Gal situation :( But thankfully, now that I have a license (WOOFUCKINGHOO!) I was able to drive to the mall we were meeting at the next morning with my sister and her bf in the car for protection in case he was some weird pedobear D: I don't recommend any of you doing this if you are under 18 without any friends and if it's not in a public area during the daytime! Seriously, don't think it's always safe because anything can happen and does everyday. I don't want to be held responsible for missing girls or boys. Okay where was I? Oh! We met up in Hot Topic (my friends idea, no mine) and I was so unsure on what to say when I saw him! We only hung out for around 40 minutes or so but they were well worth the wait. I had fun meeting my first person offline irl :D One down....a bajillion more to go! Haha! Here's a small portion of our day together at the mall.

- watch in 480p (HQ) -

Isn't he a cutie? lol I won't lie here...when I found out that I was going to meet him I could not sleep to save my life that night. I was so nervous! It wasn't a date, but still the first time meeting someone offline was intimidating alone not to mention that he's close to my type ^ ^ Idgaf if he's reading this. Hell, I want him to know. GIO, I WUNT TO HAZ YER BAY BEHS! XD

Okay I'm exaggerating slightly, but on a serious note I am thankful for the good time (no dirty pun intended....).

Gorgeous kimono we saw at the store he bought his Keyblade at...yes he bought a Keyblade.

Later that night, I went to my first slightly...costumey wedding and I mean that in the most best way possible (no disrespect to the family) it was actually cool because the theme was based off of St. Patrick's day since the groom was Scottish...or is it the Irish that wear kilts? idfk. I did some catching up with the brides son's. They're my childhood friends and lately I felt that we have been drifting apart but to my surprise they never forgot about us :) silly me over-analyzing things as usual. It was a nice wedding but we left early because our mom's a party popper and wanted us to leave after only 2 hours. Just when we started talking to some hot guys too TAT

Beautiful bride Susan <3 I felt like crying to see her this happy again!
Lastly I bought this bought about Dirty Japanese phrases/words the other day and so far it's hilarious to the max!

I was informed that there are some errors in it but it's just for shits and giggles so I care not! Here's a funny one I did find "

Haha! I love it! Gunna go give Hachi a bath now. He looks so dirty o.o Thanks for reading!


  1. WOAH he is CUTEEEEEE !! OKay he's more than cute, he's FINE !!

  2. That wedding looks fun and that met up I was blushing for you haha. Im such an introvert ^///^

  3. D'awwww- he's adorable. :] And it sounds like you had a great (if a bit nerve-wracking) time! Haha.

    That crop-top's adorable, too~~~. And all the other stuff you hauled is gorj.

    ....I wish the PacSun in my mall hadn't closed down. ; _ ;

  4. lol it was!

    Thank you! Pac Sun has cute stuff but I typically avoid shopping there because their sales aren't the best and their clothes look for the more scenester kids. Yeah lol not my style at all! That's why I was surprised to find that shirt there.

  5. I really am*-* They´re so nice;.; Jared is really cute and shannon is funny *-*

    forever 21*-*

    cute stuff


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