April 19, 2011

Falling behind on blogging already D:

I'm totally at school blogging right now. That's how much I love you guys! As of late, so many people been trying to hang out with me! There's nothing wrong with but ever since I got a license and I've been reconnecting with so many of my friends. But I've had so much fun over the past few weeks doing so :) Probably the most fun ever since this year began tbh. I still need to chill with more people though.

And on my small time off from blogging, I can honestly say I think I've mastered the highway! It's seriously no big deal to me like I thought it would be :o I've driven to and back from the big universities in my area multiple times and I'm so proud I didn't give myself or any of my passengers a heart attack. I'm definitely advancing! Here's some pics of yummy cupcakes my friend Brittany made for me and everyone at one of our get togethers.

Yummy right? i forget what the flavor was...chocolate and something else. But it was delicious! Doesn't it look like one of those pretty photography pictures you'd see off tumblr somewhere? I love having friends who can cook. And that night we basically had some awesome Korean BBQ cooked by our friend to celebrate his birthday but no pics of that :/ I was shocked that it was enough for all of us. Sadly the grill caught on fire so we didn't get much of a chance to finish the kalbi :( it was still such a cool experience! This is what I wore.

Shorts: Levi's
Shirt: 1/2 of 1/2 (no idea what brand)
Bracelet: Body Central
Hair accessories: A friends lol

Just fyi, it's hard as fuck to dress up going to college 5 days out of the week. But when I hang out with people, I always make sure I look good. I think my make up skills are getting much better because of it too.

This may be a small tangent but that same day I wanted to do a comparison shot between eye make up with falsies and without falsies to show everyone how important false lashes are with the gal style.

click to view larger image
left eye - with/right eye - without
I think if I had to give advice on ANYTHING related to gal make up, it would be to invest in good lashes. They make such a statement and make it easier to distinguish between gal make up and "pretty girl" or "ulzzang" make up. Don't use the excuse that you already have naturally thick full long lashes because so do I! I hear it all the time and sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them I'm not wearing any mascara or falsies but you should get some good lashes that actually give the right shape you're looking for. Alright that's all I got and I'll try to post more up stuff up sometime this week but if not for sure next week. I'm starving because I left my wallet at home which I've been doing so frequently lately D:



  1. Yup, I've learned from personal experience that they make a HUGE difference!

  2. That is one GIANT cookie! :O

    You look lovely too :D

  3. B-but... I can never get falises on~~. ; 3; I've tried, like, 2 dozen times and... I... suck. Haha.

    ANYWAY-- as per usual-- you're adorable: outfit, hair, and all. (I loovee the makeup.)

  4. @Samispoon: It's not a cookie it's a huge blondie (brownie type of cake...thing > <)



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