April 5, 2011

Wigs make my life so much easier

Hiya! Last week I bought a wig from my local hair store and the next day I received my long awaited wig I plan on wearing for an anime convention in June and I just had to share it with you guys :o If you have my on FB, then you already know what it looks like...and if you'd just look at my robo.to gifs to the right side of my blog lol! As for the other one, I haven't shown anyone yet. We'll start with the one I bought from KJ Beauty Supply.

It's a lace wig and cost only $30. I think it's a decent price for a synthetic wig that looks pretty good and not too shiny. At first I was thinking whether or not I wanted to get it with the highlights but I said why not? I rarely ever do them so here was my chance. It was either that, or a dark brown and even though I want to go lighter this season with my hair color, that wig was perfect! The lady helped me put it on and viola! I do wish my fivehead didn't look so fucking obvious in it though but I guess it's expected since there aren't any bangs.

Then there's this baby shipped straight from Koreah!

This ebay seller is the bomb diggity...seriously. I checked out tons of wigs and I had to ask my sister for a second opinion because there were a good 5 or 6 of them that I was going to get. But I wanted a pink wig more than anything and if it wasn't for her telling me to get this one I would have bought a different one but thankfully she steered me in the right direction. This one is so cute in person! It's just like the picture and everything! Only thing different was the pigmentation of the pink. It's a little duller than I expected it to be but idc because the shade of pink is still a cute color! I also bought it for the style as well. I wanted a wig that had big curls. Another small complaint, it's a bit bare in the back so I'm thinking of adding some cilp ins to it so it won't look as thin. Most wigs have that problem though so firsttimewigbuyers, be aware. But I really do love this wig! Imma name her マロミ (Maromi)! Taken from that pink little adorable but creepy doll from one of my favorite anime Paranoia Agent Yup. Maromi makes me feel like one cute ass mothafuka!

& don't worry. I won't be stingy and keep the seller's link to their page a secret. You can go HERE to Pandasouth (name of store). They have a lot of wigs for both girls and guys and some accessories that I also find appealing. Gyaru-o or visual kei boys should definitely check theirs out too. That's all I have for now. Bye!


  1. woah!! thats a lace front?! i dont wanna seem weird, but can you do a lil vid or have a close up of the lace edge?? lol
    i am soo debating on buying one because th eblack chicks in my neighborhood wear them ...and they look so bad ! i guess they use weave glue instead of the glue for the lace front!

  2. What is going on. HAHA. Wigs *especially lace front* Are awesome. And I just took a change on ordering one with reddish brown streak for my first time. But I order off line and usually pay like 27$ on like hairsisters.com. And I have a purple wigs just for having it. dont know when and where im going to wear it , but your pink wig reminds me of it. It have 2 pony tail attachments.

  3. I love pink wigs!! ^.^ It's really cute!

  4. @Lisha: Sure! That's not weird at all. I actually didn't even use glue for this :o What kinda lace front wigs do they get? I would try it on before buying it if they allow it at the beauty supply store. That's what I did with this one and it's why I choose to buy it.

    @Glee: Haha wigs galore, right? I wanted a purple at first but I've always thought of having a pink one for such a long time so I went with that color first. Still getting more soon. I just love how fun they can be! I wanna see pix of you with yours though.

  5. ...>.> I may or may not be on the verge of buying a purple wig to fulfill a childhood dream. This post may or may not have made me utterly sure I'm going to get it.


    Anyway, LOVE that lace front: you could definitely pull off highlight with your natural hair, too. :]] And ahhhh-- you watched Paranoia Agent, too?! <33 I didn't think anybody else saw that show. ; 3; <3

  6. Ummm are the "100% Free Hentai" Ads supposed to be in the post? O_o

  7. @Alex: At fist when I read your comment before I approved it I thought you had to be trolling but then I checked to see if you were right and almost had a heart attack bc I'm using my school's computers atm O.O haha thank you for letting me know. That was NOT the graphic I was trying to use. Dunno how that even got up.

    @Noxin: Purple is such a gorgeous color. Hence why I decked out my blog with more purple ^ ^ Glad I helped motivate you to make that choice! & Yes...Paranoia Agent FTW!

  8. Yay for lace front wigs! It looks really nice :)

  9. <3 In love with the pink wig! Love, love love!!

  10. It doesn't look like a wig but more like hair extensions ... GREAT !


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