May 13, 2011

Braces? :o & Pink Mixstyle headphone review *brief*

Hi guys! I have so much to blog about it ridiculous I can't see myself catching up until after next week is over due to my finals coming up @__@ Good luck to all my fellow college gals trying to make A's or B's! But at any rate, I already announced on my facebook that I got my braces. I KNOW! Wtf? When was I going to blog about this news right? Well I've been wanting braces for 3 years ever since I noticed how out of shape my teeth were starting to get...not to mention the comments from my sister...bitch.

I basically was planning on originally getting 6 month ortho which are braces you wear for 6-7 months and you get a whitening treatment at the end. It sounded awesome and affordable (probably not for most since we don't have dental insurance) but my mom said it was a gift to me ^ ^ Unfortnately, I was informed I needed to probably get full orthodontics (regular real braces) because my case was more serious than I thought it was. I will forever be thankful to the assistant who told me that before she put the braces on. They refunded my mom most of the money she already paid and we went to their recommended orthodontist who does braces and fuckmesenseless the man is fine! *ahem*

So I got my impressions for lingual braces that go behind the teeth making it unnoticeable but again was disappointed to hear that those wouldn't be the best option...JADKFJLADA FUCKING SHIT TEETH! So my next best option was getting the clear brackets :( I am not happy with that because they still make me look like one goofy motherfucker but I'm just okay with it for the sake of getting the results I want. They said I'll need to have 4 teeth extracted...I'm gunna look so horrible it scares me to think about it! But all my friends who have had braces all told me they had teeth taken out as well so that made me feel a little better about everything :) The dental assistant told me it might take less than the normal 2 years for me to finish wearing this horrid things because of my teeth having more space to move once they take them out so that was relieving to hear but at the same time I'm not counting on it yet. Right now, they put the top braces on but not my bottom ones so I haven't made a proper video of them yet because i want to wait until I have the full mouth done to show everyone so look out for an update on that later. I will say that beauty is pain and this shit HURTS! Eating feels so bizzare and awkward I can't imagine what it'll feel like when 4 of my teeth are gone and the bottom braces are put in.

Okay so on other news, a while back I bought knock off Mixstyle headphones off ebay and I didn't give one single damn flipididy fuck because I was not about to pay $50 for some headphones that could get easily friend told me he spent $200 on his w/o insurance. Yeah...people are crazy. But I got mine for about $30 and I figured they'd be okay and actually be of quality after reading the sellers feedback info.

Anywho, they finally arrived and they are so freaking nice I almost cried with how happy I was when I saw them!

Only thing is, I was suppose to get pink and black not pink and navy -__- but it's not a huge deal at least it's close to looking black far away and is the best set of headphones I've ever owned! Kinda makes me wanna buy the real deal now just to see the difference...but I won't just yet. I'll wear these out first :D I'll leave you all with some pics I took wearing them. See you later!

I intentionally took this picture knowing I had bed head... :D

UPDATE: The cheap knock-offs are already messing up in one ear :/ Am I that surprised? Yes and no, but mostly no. God. guess I'll buy the real deal next.


  1. Most of my friends have gotten braces and when they get them taken out their teeth look awesome, it almost makes me want to get some :)

  2. Why don't you try Invisalign?

  3. Because my teeth structure needs a lot more work than invisalign can do.

  4. You know what I love your hair, I know it might be really simple but how do you get that tossled look? Oh and hair care regimen please!

  5. Oh thank you and I will make sure to do a tutorial on this. I keep saying I will but I always forget xP Basically, I use soft twists which are flexible rods you can buy at a hair beauty supply store and I use them to create natural looking curls w/o heat.


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