May 15, 2011

Issues concerning black gals rant video

This is one of the first vids in a while that I've done that is somewhat controversial.I've wanted to talk about this for quite sometime now. Please watch and state your honest opinions.

Oh and to those dumb people spamming my chat box, you guys are the smartest out of the bunch because now there isn't one so good luck finding another cheap pathetic alternative to increase traffic to your whack ass sites. Losers..gotta love em.


  1. 1- I have to say, your opening dance? ADORABLE!

    2- Race is something that shouldn't even come up in Gyaru. Its a fashion, and I would like to think that the ideal of fashion has developed beyond the 1950s.

    Sadly that stupid hate meme proved me wrong. It fucking annoys the shit out of me, one of the girls who introduced me to the style (and to most things awesome <3) is black, and one of my best friends.

    The idea that because of race, gender,or sexuality someone is looked down upon and hated is outdated.

    People need to get there heads out of their asses and grow the fuck up.

  2. I agree with you completely!
    The people who say things like that are just stupid, inmature,racist,anons and fawking need to gtfo because nobody likes them (:

  3. Keep on ranting girl! These things need to be said
    BTW, the same thing was happening in my c-box, ><

  4. <.< ... I may or may not have been debating on trying to go gyaru, myself. <33 If I thought I had half the dedication you (and others) have, I'd give it a whirl~.

    Anyway- great video. I like that you address how the amount of black gal-haters out there is not as large as it might seem to some folks. It's all in perception~.

  5. Very inspirational<3 I enjoy hearing what you have to say! Your very strong and courageous!

  6. is that actually a tumblr dedicated the black gals?? lol i hope there is :P great post xx

  7. Anybody has has to use race to attack or defend, has no argument. I hate that people do that


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