May 2, 2011

Pink lip stick review: MAC "Patisserie" & Shiseido "Titan"

I did the unthinkable and bought two tubes of lipstick for insanely high prices -.- Ikr! WTF stop with all your impulsive buys already! But I felt at the time I desreved to spoil myself with something I've been wanting for so long now and that's pink lipstick :D Reason being that actually doesn't make me look clownish/ashy/and overall ridiculouso!I will review both but I will tell you right now by the end of this you will know which one is my favorite out of the two.

half on half off comparison...IGNORE THE PEACH FUZZ!


no flash
Firstly we have MAC's Lustre Patisserie colored lipstick and it cost me about $15 (wish I bought Jewerich lashes or something for that price D:>) and I had a staff member help me pick it out but she wasn't even that helpful bitch so I kinda just had to pick it out on my own.The packaging was the generic MAC tube which I love because it looks so small and portable. The color is slightly on the pale side but it was still a slight pink.

Next is Sheseido's "Titian" RS306 and this ran me 25 dollah!! This was from a shop in the local H-Mart (Korean supermarket) :O I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A NEW PAIR OF CIRCLE LENSES! But press onward to understand my temporary (or maybe notsotemporary) madness...the packaging was classy and sleek. The color....was probably the holy grail of all pink colors that I ever laid my eyes on! The texture was smooth and creamy making the application process easier and the moisture was so long lasting I wanted to cry TAT And just a quick side note, there were A LOT of pretty colors I saw there besides this one like other shades of pink, nudes, and even orangey colors. All of which had a creamy texture that were all matte based from my swatches so if you want some good quality lipsticks, you can't go wrong with Shiseido's line :]


MAC: You can't tell too well looking at the swatches on the pictures but it has some glittery specks in it that I can actually feel (it's slightly grainy) so it's pretty uncomfortable when it starts to dry out. Which leads me to say that it's not very moisturizing in comparison to Shiseido's "Titian". The color is nice but weak for my skin tone and almost unnoticeable unless I'm in a well light environment.

SHESEIDO: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! There's absolutely nothing wrong with this texture bc it's so creamy and smooth (like butter ^ ^). The hydrating formula is perfect and literally lasts for hours as promised from the Korean lady I bought it from and the color naturally stands out! I was so happy with this buy and I completely recommend my gal friends to buy it because it is worth the money! Kind of goes to show you that you can't go with what a lot of people rave about. Just gotta find out what's best for you :]

Before I go, I just wanna say hello and thank you to all of those lovely people leaving comments on my chatbox :D You guys are so sweet it I feel actually stop being to sweet YOU'RE HURTING ME GA DAMNIT! Okay buh-bai! ;D


  1. Love this, MAC's Patisserie is going on my wish list ;P

  2. I absolutely need Shiseido's Titan in my life or i will die! And i love you for doing this review. I was really iffy about trying a pink lippy but i will def do it now.


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