July 1, 2011

Hair update - 4 month stretch

If you  can remember my last update which was last year you can see a slight difference but I wish it was more noticeable. I think I know why it still looks close to the same length, and that was because at Mia and Max, they underprocessed my hair so it's not at it's true length that it should be. FFFFFUUUU! But I'm slowly getting to my BSL goal it's just crawling :< I'll just make sure when I go and get my next one done in October I go to the right hairdresser who always makes it bone straight.

I did just have a breakage scare too but I think I got it under control. I have no clue how or how it started happening but my best guess was that maybe it was simply too dry. It worked out pretty well too but man I hate breakage more than anything else!

Oh! I should probably do a regimen post soon too huh? I have a lot of stuff I use in my hair that helps with it's health and length retention that I want to share with you guys. What do you all think? What are you using on your hair this summer? Eh I'm going to go out with some friends tonight and watch that Madea movie that just came out at the dollar movies xP Ahh black people.


  1. Yay! Yes do a regimen post :3

  2. Seconding the regimen request.

    And oh yeah-- your hair IS getting longer. o:

    As far as my hair? Meh. I cut off 4 or 5 inches, ironically. And I usually try and deep condition every week. Hopefully, I don't use heat more than 4 times a month (once a week). Otherwise, I don't do anything special-- I'm kinda' lazy... xD

  3. Okay! ^^ I will make a post on that and perhaps a video as well. Glad you guys are interested :D

    @Noxin: At least your ends are healthier. I don't like using heat more than once a month unless I feel it's completely necessary.

  4. If your experiencing breakage it could be from the once a month heat you should just roller set the hair and protect with your wigs I love your yt videos nd ur style I had no idea your hair was this long good job I use Giovanni tea tree shampoo and conditioner $12 from tj max 33.5 ounces direct leave in vegetable glycerin and oil my ends


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