July 20, 2011

Harry Potter VII Part 2 weekend + A-KON GETS


I suppose all good things must come to an end but..but..NNNNUUUUUU TAT That was my childhood (despite me never actually reading the books) I grew up with those films! So brilliantly captivating and provoked my imagination more than any other of it's time! Even now when I re-watch the movies I feel like drawing, doing some cool make up look, creating/altering clothes I don't ever wear or anything of the like. I am going to truly miss the feeling anticipated for the next HP movie coming out within a years time...and seeing my three favorite characters face unseemly odds and still manage to overcome it all with their teamwork and friendship. I went and watched the midnight showing with my sister and two of my other friends. Of course the entire place was packed and some people dressed up. I should've took pics but the circumstances that night didn't allow me to do so since my car broke down.

Kingsley meme off Tumblr ^V^

People cried throughout the whole movie but I only cried at the very end because that was the last few moments of magic there would ever be for that story. I'm already reading the first and second book so hopefully one day I'll be finished with all 7. If you are a Harry Potter fan or just want to see what all the buzz is about, go see it for yourselves. I watched it in 2-D to limit any distractions but I plan on going back to watch it again in 3-D with my sis only because we have free movie passes from doing blood donations :D Or attempting to.
So I never did blog about my trip to Dallas for A-KON 22 I went to in June. It was loads of fun and I did stay all 3 days and got some pictures taken each day (You can find more on my facebook album). I didn't expect to have any taken on Sunday but I still had someone want to take a pic of me O.o
Day 1: Best taken pic of this outfit I could find -__- I had cute shoes with it too (ತ _ ತ) The dress was bought at a thrift store since the one I bought from milanno.com sucked. And friend and I both altered it to look better.

Day 2: Black Swan cosplay. The make up actually held up pretty well and so many people took pictures of me. I got mistaken by stupid Ryuuk from Death Note and my friends kept teasing me about it ever since...jerks.
Day 3: Again, best pic I could find. I swear I'll try and do better with taken pics next time σ (¯ ∇ ¯;) But i bought this wig at the convention and I loved it since it was something I could wear anywhere. They had half pink/blond, baby blue/white, and baby blue/black. So cute!

Accessory worn with my lolita dress
Here are some of the things I bought.

The bear necklace, the two face masks, and the cookie ring were the only things that were defective. Shouldn't have bought the rest >:x
I left out my two baby foxtails I bought for only $5 each! But you guys have already seen them. I can still make a post for them later though. Besides that, A-KON was especially fun this year because I finally experienced what a rave was like and I loved it! Got grinded on by a cutie both nights too but that was all there was to him  ┐ (‘~`;) ┌

I'll go ahead and end this post here. Looks like I'm doing better at catching up but lemme know say anything just yet. Have a great day everyone!

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